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I love this app so much but my device shut down for no reason. It didn't die because it was around at 25% battery charge. Suddenly, that happened and my tablet turned back on. Then, when I got back on the app everything was not saved! All my balls were gone, and I finished all the levels on 'line,' and almost all the levels were completed on 'rocket' except two. No clue what happened. I am wondering if it is my tablet or the actual game, but this game is marvelous if that incident doesn't happen to you like it did me. Muito bom!

Color switch is amazing! I love doing the challenges ( although I usually fail!) The different balls are really cool. Thank you so much for an amazing game! 5 star

This game is awesome . I love it . I am just 8 years old now . When I went to the circle game . It was very interesting . For that circle first we should go to the north left corner . Click on the last one . Just keep on searching it . finale you will get it Try to get more points. Surprisingly

Ilike it its interseting and stuff but its a bit rubbish see for your self if you do not bealeve me its fun Marvelous

There have been way too many times where I die and there is a minute long add that I can't skip! Well done!!

There. Are. Too. Many. Ads!! Every second or third time I go to play a level it makes me watch an ad. I'm okay with watching the occasional ad, but there is too many. One more thing, idk if its my phone or the game, but I could be just about to finish a level and it will lag, meaning that the ball will fall and I will die. Fix those two things ad I will rate this game 5 stars because I love everything else. Fantastic

This game is great, but here lately whenever I press the "watch ad for thirty coins" thing it gives me a ten second ad, then doesn't give me the coins. Then it will force me to watch another ad. I don't mind watching ads for the coins, but if I press that, am forced to watch the ad, and then don't get my coins, I'm gonna be pissed. I'm about to delete the damn game if that bug isn't fixed. Marvelous

Awesome game... I collected more than 20k stars, and when I reinstalled the game all of the stars were gone, just great, BTW because of that I'm deinstalling the game again, because it just threw all of my hard work away Enjoy it!

This game is very great and addictive. Only that the adds are just disturbing and have to wait for long to close it. Anyway this app is overall wonderful. Flawless

This is an good and addictive game but the thing that pisses me off is all these ads . How am I supposed to play if the ads keep interrupting . Cool

This game is very fun and addicting but TO MANY ADS I can't even play the game Go well

STOP ADDING NEW GAME MODES All of the games modes are copys of other games MODES just with a new feature or added bonus IT IS SILLY!!!! Awesome

I've been playing this game for so long but it is way cool & very challenging to play!! It really improves my patience, speed, & my focus. ٩(^ᴗ^)۶ Surprisingly

Why u guys repeat the same type of game again and again in the update for eg. Slide and avalanche , break and monster Awesome

This is soooooooooo fabulous game but in it there are sooooooooooo many stupid ads I don't like this ads. Recommend

I love this game but 1 problem ha maine sariii ball kharid Linn par ab jo star jama ho rhe han unka kiaa faidaa purchasing kaaa liye kuch naya bhiiii tohhh laooo phir full star dunga 5 star

Oml I really love this game warning u won't be able to put them phones dowm Fantastic

I think there should be more help with the levels. Like an extra life to continue the level. At the easy levels it gave you a chance to continue,but at the harder levels it doesn't.☹ Superb!

This app is so addicting. Its really challenging and sometimes I literally rage lmao but its good. I 100% recommend this app and game. 5 star

This is one of the best games I've ever played!!! I love how there's tons of fun game modes and cool balls! Perfect to play on a cold, rainy day like today! Recommend

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