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ill give five stars Ok why i didnt rate five 1 its a copy of normal coin dozer 2 i dont like pirates Good

Simple, fun, easy to play, cute design, great for killing time between activities. Biggest downside is that ads are almost too intrusive. The banner ads at the bottom are fine and don't get in the way; however, if I have to set my phone down for a couple of minutes - using the restroom for example - or I have to stop to speak with someone for a minute or two, my coin regeneration will be cut short by some full-screen pop-up ad within the first thirty seconds, every time. I'd understand if it popped up after two or three minutes of inactivity, but half-a-minute barely gives me one more coin before regeneration completely halts. That also becomes twice as annoying if I am actually still on the phone but waiting for two or three coins to regenerate in order to place more than one at a time on the board. Works great

It is a fantastic game! Superb!

I NEED YOU TO RESTORE MY PROGRESS I LOST BECAUSE OF UPGRADING TO A NEW SAMSUNG GALAXY S8. I am a 100% service connected disabled Vienam veteran in a power wheelchair on oxygen 24/7. I don't have much in entertainment but my smart phone and TV. Thank U. Marvelous

Slot spins are way too expensive. Original CD has them at 1 gem per spin. Here you can purchase 5 spins for 6 Gems? I know tu guys can fix up things little by little..... Not bad

Way too many ads unless you make an in app purchase, so spend the 99 cents and no more ads Perfect!

It is sometimes boring and also boring because all you do is drop coins and win dumb dumb dumb dumb prizes that are ruthless Works perfectly

For whatever reason I have now lost 2 daily bonuses and am having problems getting the videos working to get my doubles on the box prize. I didn't get my 3 gems, which it said I won, nor could I make it 6. Please fix this. Great!

Cherisse Hall I also like all games from game circus company, but ae coins mania is another great dozer game Edit: my mistake...I mean coin party from mindstorm studio, not ae coin mania Great!

Ridiculously Addictive At first glance this game may seem stupid...BUT give it a try and you will be hooked!! Worth a go!

easy but very fun. A very good entertaining game it is hard to get all 3 on the slot machine though. Just wow

I only like got this game cause my boyfriend told me 2 so like yeah i rated it voided then I wood have Perfect!

I don't like it when you get a new device you have to start all over again not good I'll rate higher if I can keep the the higher score when changing devices Go well

Very addictive but do not spend money on this game total rip-off. I bought 9.99'special and got nothing Enjoy it!

I love it so much. I'm to addicted! Fantastic

A great game to play when you really can't be a100% distracted. I love the fact I can play and do other things or while on hold on a phone call or waiting in line for something. It is also just as fun when I am 100% focused on the game as well. Flawless

I absolutely love this game I play it at the carnival. But I love it most on my phone Not bad

So you guys owe me about 689 coins! Dont have things to do and dont reward us for doing them. Fabulous!

Addictive This is a great game. You really will enjoy yourself. I love the 2 new collections but could really use some more puzzles. I have completed the puzzles that are there now so I uninstalled and reinstalled this app twice because I really like this one. Perfect

I downloaded the two games (game of war fire & mobile strike) that gives a 2k+ coins if you level up to 10.. the moment I downloaded those two games, the offer was gone when I opened the coin dozer app.. please dont give us a free coins offer if you're just gonna scam us.. Great job

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