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Love it I was having problems with not being able to reply to messages on my capital LG Urbane watch and I installed this app and now it does everything I want it to do. It's great. Superb!

Changed my life Fantastic. Much less embarrasing than shouting into your watch, although it's a little strange how so few variations of the messages you actually need! Flawless

Blocked numbers are shown Numbers I have blocked are received by coffee but not on my phone. Please fix this because if it's not I'm going to have to switch. Omg

Wow a proper messaging app Now this is how messaging on android wear should be. A great replacement for the rubbish that comes on your watch.

Perfect app must down load Only feature I would like to see in your next update! Would be the option to set coffee as default messenger please fix Recommend

Love it! It's so convenient and easy to customize. Many thanks! (Unfortunately, I have had multiple bugs when setting up custom messages. Now I can't add/change anything except replies) please fix… would have no problem paying for premium. Is there a way to backup user created messages? Still love it, but frustrated at the moment.

Great app but problem in G4 I love the app but the companion app on my android phone which is an AT&T LG g4 doesn't work at all please fix it so I can get my custom responses and my favourites added

Essential smartwatch app A complete uninstall and reinstall seems to have fixed the notification issue. Once again an awesome messaging app for smartwatch.

Better Than the Rest - Still Needs Improvements A solid app, at least by Android Wear standards. It can be a little slow to respond at times. Also, it's a minor quibble, but they need to capitalize letters properly in their voice-to-text feature. It may be a Google Now limitation, but words at the beginning of a sentence or after a period are never capitalized.

Brilliant! But not yet there! This app is great, it does everything it's supposed to do and even astonished me with the quick reply system and everything. Makes the android wear devices truly capable of sms messaging. What's missing? Privacy. A toggle to show or not to show a preview of the sms (as in show contents or just "new sms from X"). And the ability to open the app and access all sms threads. Or at least the favorites. Keep up the great work!!

Great concept, not quite stable Love the concept and much of the design. However, I've had two instances where Coffee has shown a notification for a sms while it has just not shown up in Textra at all, in effect coffee has swallowed the sms - it seems. Not so nice, especially if you're not wearing the watch when this happens. Hope you get the bugs ironed out, I really appreciate this app. How about you join forces with Textra and make it one fab package? :)

Good This app is good but does not recognise mms with multiple recipients, so they dont show up on my watch

It's ok... This app is great, but sometimes my watch will be charging and it will get a message, but my phone won't... My watch displays the message I revived and it doesn't show up in the conversation on my phone. Very frustrating.

Love the app, needs more refinement First off let me just start by saying that I love this app on my watch. The quick reply system is brilliant and 100000 times faster and better than the default reply options in Hangouts. However, the execution of this app needs to sorely be improved. For example, as others have mentioned any sent messages from Coffee don't show up in SMS history. Secondly, this thing has a battery leak meaning it saps the battery even though I might not be using it a particular day. I'm running Coffee on the OG Moto 360.

MMS not supported yet? I have an HTC One M7 and Moto 360 (original) and can't see picture messages or group messages via Coffee on my watch... Any chance there's a patch coming?

Great app, but few flaws I'm using textra as my SMS/MMS client and the moto 360 and one thing that has already been mentioned is the MMS notifications not being sent to android wear. Another flaw that I've noticed is when a reply is sent through android wear the reply isn't shown in textra's conversation history.

Good app, lousy support This is a good app, but there are two problems that I've emailed for support with, more than once, but not received a response: 1. Dismissing the notification on my watch doesn't clear the outstanding notification from my phone. 2. The SMS history card on my watch stopped working at a fairly early stage. Please fix this.

Love it Goes with me to every android wear device. Now it's on my Huwei watch. Wished messages were centered...

Would've been great but no response to reviews This app works really well and gets better as you use it and it gets to know you.... I have one problem though. It does not alert you when you receive an MMS on your phone. If you turned off your messaging apps notifications then you won't see that you have a message. At least say "Picture" or something! It says it can do keyboard now but I can't find it in the app and I would really appreciate support for Minuum. It has a track record unlike whatever key!

Almost works perfectly I have a bug where it doesn't show the conversation history for one of my friends. Everyone else works, but on his messages when I scroll over the card, it just shows a blank page where it should show the conversation history. I've sent emails about this but it hasn't been fixed. I can't live without this app so I hope it gets fixed!

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