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The information contained in this message The first only a couple weeks back I have been in a touch with that yo concernu I will am a doing a great little more while the you have are the you wow lol

One Complaint Why all good things are locked.......... please fix the problem..unlock some good things also.if u will do that my ratings will be 5 love it

Nice but when I played it first time I unlocked the free dresses and now they are again locked

they are total copycats they have frozen dresses on here just because you change the colour of it does not change the dress itself

Like the game It is a good game but not that good because it is so boring my brother and sister did it they didn't like it and I didn't like it

Loved it but.... Most of the items as well as the spa room is locked. I have to wait a lot to go to the ball room each time. Please fix it!! Then I shall give you five stars.

Yeah yeah yeah! A ok! Ohhhhh love this app so much

Awesome Its awesome because you just need to watch a video to get something and then BAM!!!!!!!!! It was right in my closet and whoever said this game is horrible shame on you

Ice princess I like it but a ball room it has minute for princess dance.and her dress hair and skirt unlocked.but it nice for me

Superb Its a gorgeous game and i don't have words to explain it. Really marvelous game

Everything is so annoying!!!!!!! I was waiting so long for a game that I just hate its so boring and I want everything for free but I need to always watch adverts it is so annoying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HATE IT SO MUCH!!!!! I hope you agree with me plese fix it then I will install it again then I will give 5 start for now just 1

Try all coco games U need to try all coco games they are super fun I can name a few marry me, dance party,prinsses, lce prinsses and dress up just make sure u type in coco in in too best game ever

Best game for kids I would rate this game 5 stars cause it's great I love it the kids love it my cousins and nieces and nephews love it its just amazing xx

Bagus Bagus sekali darupada donload yang giga dikit tapi jelek mending giga banyak tapi good

Super This is story of one prince and princess what a couple dance really creative game this is

It's awesome game. It's awesome game but u have to unlock those dresses and other accessories so that everyone can enjoy the game. And please make those dresses and accessories free, so that everyone can download the game and enjoy it.

Love IT! In this game i think u can unlock two, three or four times! Then the next day it is locked! # IRN FOR DAYZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ # SPECIAL THREE HOUSE IN THE HOUSE!!!

Its ok Its ok but please unlock the all acessories i dont have money but it was good game i give this game three stars two stars minus because of the lock acessories and games.

Awsom! You only can unlock all of them just for a five second video PS.they also have a anna and Elsa dress Great job

Nice game but It is a nice game but we have to wait for a very long time to go to the dance with the prince and every thing nice is not free pls fix these things Great!

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