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It's a good game In this game our face don't come in the right position at last...But liked it

Open all items I wish all the items are open, I would give five stars for that. Wish it will all be open

Nice Good game but a lots of things are locked, although maybe what you have is enough... Anyway, I like it. ITS GOOD, INSTALL IT

So awesome!!!!!!!!!! This game is so cool I screamed when I got it and I am 8.If u don't have this game u are stupid

Nicole baroi Every girl loves high heels, and this game allows you to desigin your own :) I enjoy this game very much!!!

Hamna Welldone Coco Apps but it takes 2 much time to download I love this app and game

Woooooooo Do u knw what its amazing app u can create ur very own designs but...... It takes a lot of tym 2 download. Just fix it n take 5 stars

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