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This is easily my new favorite app. This makes access to favorite apps even easier than Clean Master's iSwipe feature, which I had deemed to be impossible. No longer! I simply freakin' love this app!!!!!!!!! Fantastic

Its fine but its missing an important feature. Id like for the app to have a function that allows you to hide the button in whatever apps you choose not to see it in...just like the function in carries in the CM Cleaner app Omg

شرکت cmبا این اپلیکیشن و با میانبرهای خوبش دسترسی راحت به اپها را میسر کرده Fantastic

I like having this app & use it all the time. I am often unable to find it because it darkens and becomes too transparent. So non-invasive that I cannot find it! Please give us the option to make it more visible. Works perfectly

Wow! What a great surprise how many necessary and fun things I am doing with this CM TOUCH App. I thought it would be just a boring app that only turns screen off, but it does very many cool & needed tasks. I'm having lots of fun personalizing this in many creative ways. Also uses very little RAM. Thank you for this FREE APP it's different and so great! 5 ***** Stars! wow lol

Hello! CM your touch me was good but can you help me for launching CM SCREEN RECORDER plz I am fan of your apps and having many of them now plz make a new app,thank you Marvelous

I love this app is wonderful app for MI band 2 again many time apps fall but this is a real AP to you hundred percent MI and other so also I am game this AP 5 star 5 star Works great

Grate CM Touchme application"" You play in my phone ,, i don't known how to protect my application and icons but why you s.s shot in my ph ... so that i cann't solved .... and than decided to reset my phone data and application .. but you are professional application in google play store ... Must have

CM Swipe…更好用! 最近發現Swipe比Touch更好用,Uninstall…了。CM真是不斷的進步和User Friendly…! Great!

Youll have difficulty to find the circle Putting black transparent was a horrible idea and there's now way you can change it most of the time youll not find it if you put an image with a dark tone even slightliest one more horrible that you cant change it no customisation at all Not bad

Nice but not sexy Love it but the u.i is not what I expected, instead of boring touch me circle why can't I put my image there Worth it!

Need data on/off switch My was locked and only app i had access to was this. But unfortunately i couldn't turn on my data service so i had to restore my phone. So plZ add data on/off switch Recommend

Cool for screenshots Easy to make screenshots with this app. And nice for lock screen. Both if u don't want to use buttons Perfect

Can you add briggtness control? Also, when device brightness is under a certain threshold, can you change the button to be brighter? Cool

Like all apps from CM I've been impressed My phone, not CM's fault in any way has forced me to play around in safe mode eliminating every application not absolutely needed...once galaxy 7 edge be back with you in massé Fantastic

Good App Reduce 2 stars... due to not light weight app. It consumes 38MB~42MB in run time. Please make it light weight for 5 stars... Superb!

Superb Great app.....strongly recommended.... screenshot option is very helpful using just a press of the button unlike others where one has to press home+whatever key....Great job CM team Fantastic

Good app I would like it better if it resembles iPhone touch assistant and could add mobile data switch and screen shot love it

fast its fast but i wish that you can change the color.. like maybe add a white assistive touch Great!

itz awesome but you should add more colours for the swipe icon like blue,white,red etc. Fabulous!

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