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It used to be much better. However, the standby screen or screen with the ads while charging, on this s6 edge, my s7, & Lg G6, it keeps looping itself after i slide it amd Enter my PIN, it then goes back to slide screen and demands Pin again. Sometimes it can be 3 times before I can unlock security screens and get into my phones. And this is the Fully paid version, amd i should not be receiving ADS!?! Enjoy it!

Great app. (pro version) I felt it necessary to improve the quality of the icons after the latest Android update. The looks and functionality are great, but I wish there were more drag and drop functions of the icons.. However I gave this app 5 stars because it works flawlessly and thanks to the developers for the great work! Brilliant

So far this launcher has satisfied my ADHD!(lol) I reccomend this launcher. I even broke down and bought the pro its best $5 I've spent in the Google play store... Omg

Probably the best way possible to get the best deal for you and your phone to your own personality. Your the only person in control of brands of the formatting of other phones and ways there layout is. U pick the phone not the brand and price that are only limited to things it can. Do uu iPhone on an Android or desktop on your phone. Your way not ad. Buy pro wow lol

I wanted to like this app. Although it says you don't receive ads when paying for it. You still do. Some good things are, the themes I seen are good. Love the variety of effects, but this is still not the best launcher. Dodol launcher still has my heart. You can also customize a certain apps icon instead of selecting a theme for them. I like to be able to match my downloaded app icon with the rest and do not have that option with CM. Also, CM slows my phone down. Works great


Please tell me I can remove the stupid news widget when I swipe left from the home screen? I mean, I paid money, please tell me I'm not forced to look at that page forever. I'll give it 5 stars once that is corrected. Just wow

I had the free version, was very annoyed by the ads (they were causing the system to get hung up a lot Fantastic

Launcher work great on phone with low resources, and when my default launcher would lag cm didn't. Very impressed with the improvements they have made to the launcher. I've used this one before and had some issues but now is works perfectly. Couldn't ask for a better launcher. Well done!!

Other than two SMALL changes i would make, it is perfect. The notification spam manager doesn't save my settings so i can't use that, and you can't change the grid dimensions on home screen. But other than that it is amazing. Beautiful designs and awesome layouts, so much customization and settings Cool

I loved this launcher except that the short cut didn't show up on screen at all. Then I just downloaded the update that's supposed to have "bug" fixes and it got worse. Especially since I purchased it! The launcher takes forever to activate and the themes are not changing once it is activated! Once u spend money it should get BETTER and give you MORE options not get worse! I uninstalled it and I want My money back! Cool

I really like this Launcher. however when I choose to apply a different theme, I get an error screen that expresses that this theme only supports the latest version of CM Launcher. So I clicked on "Update" and it takes me to the free version. that when installed it I get ads, how ever I own the Pro Version. If I uninstall it and go to the Pro version It says I have that Installed then try to ad a Theme and get the same error. (Please Help). I am using a Huawei Nexus 6P running Oreo 8.1 Just wow

This is by far the best phone launcher on the market. Well worth what I paid for it. This is a MUST HAVE for any phone guru.I couldn't be happier. It automatically puts apps in convenient folders and the settings are easy to work with. I can't say anything else other than BUY the app. Must have

I upgraded to pro immediately after I saw the first ad pop up. This app is truly a work of art (when its paid for) After upgrading, I haven't seen any random appz being installed. There are a couple of problems I have with the app, it for some odd reason messes with the S-Pen on Samsung Galaxy Notes and it does not work the way it should. The other is that the app will "swipe" itself on the homescreen, it can get very frustrating at times. Enjoy it!

I had owned this launcher on previous phones. its a great launcher. i owned ur cleanmaster too. However, a year or two ago it became a really bulky app along with ur other products. I had stopped using ur products. I just purchased this launcher. it has some great features, and hopefully this time around, it will maintain its functionality effectively. Great Launcher. ty. Perfect!

Simply the BEST I've tried countless launchers and kept coming back to this one. I just love the detail and effects. There is so much you can do with it to make your phone sing with style. I'm glad I finally paid for it. If you don't mind adds, the free version is a must have. 5 stars plus! Surprisingly

Like the themes, but don't like that I can't add a web site to my home screen. Also, I want to be able to choose my wallpaper on lockscreen, not use the ones that the app changes everyday. Can't figure out how to turn that off. Also, since I paid for no ads, why do you keep putting pop ups to rate your app. Very annoying. Works perfectly

Cool but can be more awesome I like the themes and the variety of scroll/screen effects. What i dont like is the lack of grid customization options like , lack of sorting apps alphabetically on screens (akin to iPhone) and not able to scale widgets. I also dont like how the folders are all linked together when you have more than one in the folder/apps view. Overall it has a cool distinctive look, very snappy. Well done!!

Overall useful launcher. Good set of features ( private apps, folders, gesture control)..A major issue however . There does not have an option to save settings to retrieve your desktop on anew device. I had to swap myh s8 and it is a royal pain to have to reco figure everything. Many similar products have a save settings and reload settings function really a needed feature.. Good

Just Paid for it Like the launcher so far....not a fan of the quick Internet link that sits at the top of the screen....if I wanted to connect about something I would.. it's just a disguised ad as far as I'm concerned which i paid not to have. If there is a way to disable it please let me know ....or leave it as an open search I just don't like or care about what your wanting me to look up. .otherwise great app!! Omg

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