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I love the simple interface of this app. I also love how many options you have for data, no other app I've tried has this many subjects you can log. I also love getting the e-mail with new insights. It gives you tips on what you can do to remedy certain symptoms and explains why you might be having them. It's a great educational health app, and is incredibly accurate. I also love the feature that allows you to share your cycle with somebody. It lets my boyfriend know whenever I'm experiencing PMS. Must have

It's a good app. I enjoyed it....until my cycle ended sooner and I can't change it to show that my period ended. It just keeps going a few days after. I don't think not being able to change it will make "clue smarter". Highly Recommend.

I'm a relatively new user. So far I have enjoyed the app. The only thing that annoys me is that you can never edit the information you've entered during setup. Well done!!

Review from a husband: All men should be using this app. That's just fact. I started using it about a year ago because it helps me know how to better support my wife and be there for her, and it's now to the point where my wife always asks ME about her cycle "I'm feeling grumpy what does your app say" or "Babe I just started my period so update your app". It's incredibly helpful to both of us. Fantastic

I wish that I could rate the degree of pain or write more specific details about any of the options. I also wish I could create my own category to track personal factors that aren't in the list of built-in options. But this all is still super easy to use with quite a bit of variety in its list of trackable factors, so I gave it a 5. Must have

I love this app. It's very helpful and it has tons of information and options to track or not track things. I've been using it for 3 years now and I'm still in love! Good

It is so much more than just a calender telling you when your period is going to start and end, and it has so many very helpful features. Perfect

I think this app is fantastic! I've used other trackers before, but I found this to be the best for me. I can track symptoms each day and see a projection of my cycle. Fabulous!

Awesome app, extremely helpful. However would love a pain options for back pain as lower back pain is very often associated with menstruation. wow lol

I'm giving up on this app. It's not all bad but I'm tired of it. I hate when it randomly crashes while I'm trying to make entries. Not bad

This app is everything I wanted it to be and more. I am so bad at tracking how my body is doing. Love love love. Get it, try it. Good

Brilliant app for keeping track of my periods, couldn't want more out of it. Will help when I go to the doctors if needed as shows everything including how heavy the bleed is Surprisingly

This first few months of this app was great! After that the predictions were way out, because of this I got caught out, and every woman knows that isn't a nice situation to be in. I won't pay the amount they ask for premium as I think it is way to high. I will go back to doing my own way on a calender, but it was nice having a prediction! Recommend

App has been freezing on me this past month. I like the calandar view of my cycle. I wish I could customize the answers to some of the categories and/or I wish there was open space to journal about each category. For instance I may have a problem with water weight that I want to elaborate about or give details about how PMS affected my day. I also would like to see a graph of my weight recordings. Omg

I love this app. It helps me know when to keep an eye out for my period and is really accurate in what it's predicted for me. My period is very irregular but it has caught on and is predicted really well. Only suggestion is adding to the pain tracker. I always have a sore back during that time but never any other time. Highly Recommend.

Awesome app! I especially love the well-researched information that's 'hidden' all over and the sharing functions! The only thing I would like to see improved is the daily tracking. I wish I could add more personal items like other athletic activities or more specific moods. Just wow

This is the most helpful cycle tracking app I've ever seen. It is so much more than just a period tracker; it allows tracking of symptoms, reminders, birth control, fertility, and so much more. It may not make shark week any less bothersome but it sure makes it more predictable! Perfect!

Love this app, but since we sprang forward for daylight savings, my reminders are going off 1 hour later than they are set. Still want a web version I can access from a desktop PC. Great reminders. Surprisingly

This app is so awesome It gives me reminders for when my period does start so I don't ruin another pair of panties by being unprepared. The app gets more accurate the more you use it and tell it your symptoms definitely recommend Surprisingly

This app is very helpful. It's so important for women to be aware of what is considered normal for their bodies and this app helps to simplify that. Also great for when your ob/gyn is needing information ! Great if you are trying to get pregnant or trying to avoid getting pregnant as well! love it

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