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This 2018 app cleans my phone quickly and efficiently. It is easy to use, as well. My only complaint about this application is TOO MANY ADS... Amazing!

This is a very handy app. When my phone freezes up running certain other apps, either the application will give me a warning or I will run the app to shut down apps not being used. I give it a 5 star rating no problems with it what so ever. Well done!!

The only con is that I use a 3rd party app for my text messages and it tried to block my notifications from coming through for texts. Other than that it's great. Go well

The go to Facebook and support President Trump has me digusteded. Will be out of this soon. Big brother on a cleaner? Hope my pic turned out bad wink wink. Surprisingly

This app is just all in all hands down has got to be one of the best apps to clean your phone with lots of inside added features that just make it the great app it is, really appreciate all of you working hard to and maintaining such a great app keep up the good work and I'll be waiting for your latest and most updated apps and once again thank you for all your hard work keep it up love it

Has my phone running smoothly not lagging like it was with other cleaners I have used... Flawless

Great app keeps my tablet clean of junk my tablet works better and my battery lasts longer Brilliant

Not sure about this app. I am getting an awful number of reminders throughout the day that my phone is slow, upon which it cleans up another 500 MB of junk (while I did not use my phone), followed by an increasing number of recommendations for other apps, including video commercials. Is it mostly cleaning up its own junk? Is this all fake? Or most of it? Because in the process the phone runs better and junk files are removed. But I am not sure I will keep this app. Worth a go!

How do I get into my big large files... I have to go to court in a couple weeks and I need those files... Flawless

The full page pop up ads that come up just get distracting and annoying, I used to really enjoy this app and find it useful before they added that. Get rid of those add I'll reinstall it, I would even pay for a "Pro" version instead of having those things pop up all the time. Go well


Works extremely well, after playing video games, or listening to music for a few hours straight my phone would lag quite a bit,and this was always a fix, memory purging. Works extremely well on mobile devices, and this does a good job of it. Keep up the good work CMA. [Edit] Vocabulary fixed. Recommend

So far, so good. Not really seeing much of a difference in my memory usage so far. But, I'll continue trying it some more. wow lol

This app is the best app out there it doesn't have a bunch of ads interruting you when your doing something else like playing a game or on FB like slot of other ones do Pretty good

This is a useful application for all parents. Easy monitor friends or family. Doesn't have any annoying confirmations (like others applications have). You should try it. Superb!

This app is by far one of the best Android cleaning apps I've came across it's quick and easy and clears up a lot of space it gets those pesky residual files and cookie files that take up a lot of room I would recommend this to anybody and it's very easy to navigate love it

This app is amazing it helps me get rid of the junk that is making my storage full! Omg

This app is amazing! When I installed it my phone was at 95% capacity. Within weeks it was back down to 50% Definitely recommend Good

Awesome app and about to clean up junk and recover some space and as well boost the performance. Recommend it for improving performance of the device Amazing!

So full of intrusive adds. I was reading my bible app and it goes to commercials because of this app. This might have been a super app if it weren't for the exagerated adds that intrude on the other apps i'm using. I might have given a lower rating because the adds bother me a lot. Great!

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