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This is one of the best and easiest cleaning apps to use. Gives your phone a great boost, too. Cool

I mean its ok and it probably like says you have viruses because it just want you to download the app but if I have viruses from my phone would have been ruined and there's nothing wrong with it Muito bom!

It protected my phone for being over come from a very dagorous virius that whould have killed my phone but thanks to this app my phone is still alive, thank you so much! Go well

So I was downloading a Minecraft skin and it said a virus was detected and I got scared. I then doin loaded the app and saved my "new" phone's life. Well done!!

Love something that cleans up with out a sweat thanks for your help and I will tell my friends about this app wow lol

Not sure I just installed it so if it helps I will leave a more detailed critique in about a month. Brilliant

It's amazing how it cleans and give you more space in your mememory now i can take as many photos and video's as i want and games too Works perfectly

I like it because it came up immediateley to let me know my specific phone was contaminated with 2 viris' Muito bom!

I love it so much I love how it cleans up everything and cleans up all the Viruses ever sence I got this app I never had a viruses Cool

It's very good you just press 2 buttons and all your viruses are gone. VERY GOOD Great!

Its really helpful when like you have a virus and then you clean every app you have except for some that can't be cleaned like Google maps Enjoy it!

Just used it said it cleaned 1.42 Gb of junk files and removed a virus will keep a watch on it for about a week and if I don't post another comment after 7 days then it worked well if it did not work I will return and leave a commenting stating the flaws I found within this application so no news is good news Go well

So my phone is telling me that I need to clean up 4 viruses that may affect my phone. So to clean I have to install this app. And so I installed & used the app but my phone keeps telling me the same message. So what's happening now? 5 star

It said virus detected you have 5 mins. Before your device will be resetted So I downloaded it did y'all have the same experience too? Amazing!

I only downloaded to clear my viruses and it still not working im deleting this right now Pretty good

The fat rat time rat time rat time rat time rat time rat time lepes race in mobizen for a good say it say the Good

Omg it got rid of my virus it was used so quickly so think twice and don't delete this app Superb!

Its okay, just when you get a virus, you have to get about 10 apps that say that there going to work but don't. Fantastic

It's good for cleaning up junk that you don't need on your phone and that's putting a virus on your phone Omg

Idk if it did anything or not, I just wanted to finish reading the f'ing article I was reading before I was so rudely interrupted to install your bullying ass app. Thanks a lot... Fabulous!

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