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I enjoy this version of solitary immensely and I play it daily. I have played many other versions and this is by far my favorite! Awesome

I love to play solitaire so this game is right up my alley. The only problem I have is too many ads Perfect!

Its fun and reminds when I were young with real cards, but much easier and no "excuses". Surprisingly

The ads can be a bit noisey but otherwise I'm really enjoying using this particular ap, thanks Pretty good

I really enjoy this game, one of the best card games I've played in a long time. Great!

Absolutely amazing. Have got solitaire on my phone but is way better on my tablet. Muito bom!

Solitaire is a very good game good controls good graphics I love this game keep up the good work solitaire love this game Highly Recommend.

My card game, i love it!!! This card game is fund to play. I have always love this game. Thank you for have this on here. Brilliant

Game could be abit better as you hardly ever win a game with the just play option Enjoy it!

Love this game. Always a big fan of this game with real playing cards so love to play this on my phone Highly Recommend.

I Love the soothing music n the choice in back grounds. I would highly recommend this game to anyone. 5 star

Great card games and great backgrounds. Really a great way to pass the time away I love this game. Well done!!

This game is very relaxing and challenging I really enjoy playing it and would recommend this game to my friends Fabulous!

Addictive Love the daily challenge, however would like to see another set of cards if the first can't be solved Fantastic

I love my solitaire and tried out quite a few apps before finding this one. This solitaire is straightforward and good display. Awesome

Fun, addicting, great when your trying to kill some time.. Very quick and awesome features Omg

I'm just learning to play solitaire and its fun. I like the app. It's Its easy to use and I like the graphics. Highly Recommend.

Love the game it's very addictive. Hard to put the game down. One of the best Solitaire games I have ever played. Thanks! Pretty good

It's great! I'd like them to help out more with different strategies too, then it would be prefect! Awesome

Fun game! I have a highly stimulating career and this helps me relax, unwind, and destress each night. Good

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