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Best bomberman game with lots of perks in game !! But has a Lots of bugs, ESP the one, when notification from other app came, I couldn't places bomb, it's like in spawn mode and got struck :((( Perfect

Overall, this is good enough for passing time. However, what is annoying is the saving feature. It saves the current stage that you're on but not the power ups you've collected. What's the use of being able to resume to a higher stage when you're skills are back to zero. Superb!

While saving the game all powers all be there.but after some time again contineu the game the powers will not apoear soo..Please ..please fix that problem 5 star

Hey dude ! How do you do out there.Is something praning.The gamed is so hard. But it is ok too meee too play stupid gamed. Great job

NICE APP BUT… 5 stars if u will allow users to have the items we saved, eg bomb amnt, strength, walk tru walls etc while loading a saved game. Not bad

I would rate it 5 stars if it had possibility to save the game progress and continue playing it anytime without losing all the upgrades. It looks like a demo test version to me without this feauture. Works perfectly

I would rate it 5 stars if it had possibility to save the game progress and continue playing it anytime without losing all the upgrades. It looks like a demo test version to me. Game is good but it's annoying that it shuts down the powers and resets the history of usage while still being opened. It's crazy to play it without any break to reach the highest levels and loose it all only because you decide to take a break and do something else on your smartphone and then go back again to zero level because the game is very addictive. It reminds me of joke apps that are not funny at all. It's better to play a restaurant pizza or zombies vs. plants games instead. At least they don't reset your game profile. Omg

Control Sucks Game is supposedly fun if not for the control being unresponsive and laggy. Also gamepad or bluetooth controller is not supported. So theres really no way to play it smooth unless they fix it with an update. Few stages and you'll feel like you're fingerprint will be embedded on your device screen. I'd rather play this on emulator until they fix it. Omg

I love bomberman ❤ I loved the bomberman games on ds too so was well chuffed to find this app . I would definitely change the joy stick as it gets in the way (well my thumb does Surprisingly

So many glitches and the game doesn't end. There's so many glitches 1) like there's a second delay before you can able to move at the start of the game 2) I glitched to the wall and I wasn't able to place a bomb, 3) the creatures sometimes get pass through my bomb, 4) When I place all the bomb and go tnrough the exit and not deploying it, on the next stage I can no longer spawn them. So, I go to the menu and clicked continue for my last save 5) My status (lives and power ups) are not saved. I was hoping for a boss in the ending but it seems endless Works great

Lots of bugs as level goes up After playing 28 levels, running out of bombs..unable to continue..Save level option doesnt restore any had to start from level 1..Bad choice.. Awesome

Fix the bug Though its a V nice Game . But At any stage when you have all tha powers suddenly bombs are gone . and all your progess turns zero . Now You have to start the Game from very Beginning. Superb!

Nice But It just a nice and awesome game.... but some time we have lots of powers but can't place the bomb... that time just too irritating Flawless

Yeah the game works the way it is supposed to.. Loved it.... Btw the save option when used leads to you resuming from the level where you left but all the powers that you had earned till then are lost. If this is fixed then it would definitely help those who tend to reach the higher levels without dying. Worth it!

Bomberman forever No control issuses, these people and their phones suck. Clasic bomberman like you remember. Only issue is when you save, you loose all your powerups and lives. Recommend

Need review Due to control present within the game field. it's difficult to operate. If field and control be separate it will be great. Well done!!

Better It's a good game but gadgets not saved once we quit the game have to play. Like from first level love it

A bit diferent about what i knew To me it works perfect i don.t know what kind of dificult other have about movments but it works exact as is sould ... thank you Fabulous!

Fun to play but few glitches Its quite fun to play this classic game but many a times after you clear the level you cannot deploy the bomb and so all perks you've earned is lost when you replay the game which is quite frustrating Worth a go!

Control Game is very good but control is very poor not user friendly please fix this issue Great!

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