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Mar 28, 2017

Honestly, as a 25 year old adult this game is an incredible strategy game for people of all ages. You'll prefer to play this on your phone over other games on actual consoles. I never leave reviews but I thought this game genuinely deserved it. If they're smart they'll make the 2v2 clan duels the main aspect of the game going forward. Then this game will be the real "clash of clans" Enjoy it!

Mar 28, 2017

If possible please reply 'cause I don't know if u even read our comments or not. Please improve the matchmaking of the game 'cause I can't face people who are stuck at low arenas with heavily upgraded cards.Make their matches with those of their own type and would u tell me how long will I have to play so that I start getting legendary? Because my friend has got 5 and I have only one which sucks. So please pay attention Great!

Mar 28, 2017

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Mar 28, 2017

I love this game I've been playing it since it's been out, scored me maybe two microtransactions outa it even though I don't buy in game currency but yeah! Love it! But recently I've been having problems with my game, I load up into a match at 83% and it's been crashing for the past week. Help me out please so I can continue to love this game :D Awesome

Mar 28, 2017

Love this game!! Addicting Strategic tower push. Gripping real time showdowns with a good upgrade system, no need to pay to win. Just skill. *** although there has been one recurring problem with dropped connections in game. Tried and tested, No matter where I am or how strong the WiFi connection is, I am sometimes dropped. At least 10% battles lost because of this. Fix this for guaranteed 5 star. Works perfectly

Mar 28, 2017

It's a very fun and enticing game. The only problem I have is that I've rarley pull legendarys which Is why I didn't play for almost a year. My brother pulled 3 in one week, while I've only pulled 3 since returning in Jan. It's agitating and I'm in Frozen Peak Arena and only have 3 fuckn Legendarys yo... Tf Perfect!


I enjoy this game, it's one of my favorite games and the only game I play daily. There is a lot of bugges going with the clan battle 2v2. My clan chat is blank, I can't see anything. I can't do anything to fix it. I tried uninstalling the game and installing it and if didt work. I also can't view my chat or anything. I understand there would be bugs but if super cell fix my thing it would help. My user name is "ScikoToker" . Thank you and keep doing amazing events like this (: Great job


This game is fun and amazing, testing your strategic skills on an arena battlefield. As of right now, my biggest issue is clan battles. I love them. It's such a great feature, but when I go back into clash Royale a certain amount of times, my clan doesn't load. So I can only do solo battle as if I weren't in a clan. Also, as of now, I can't even enter the app. Please fix so I and many other can enjoy the clan battles!! Good


Clan battle chest: our clan battle chest was completed before more than half people in our clan saw the update (in less than an hour). So the other players whose time zone was different, couldn't get the chest although they do play clan battles but only in their time zones. Superb!


This game become laggy and have a lot of bugs after the march update 2017. I like this game I really hope that you all can pay attention to my feedback. You all still need to improve! Good game. Are you good? I'm good. How's your friends are them good? I know they sure will be good. G-O-O-D. These are all my feedback hope you all can handle it! Lastly, Supercell is good! Good night! Are your night there good? My night here very good. So hope you guys fix the bugs as soon as possible. Okay? ???? Are you listening? Heyyy ! Reply me! Worth a go!


Make faster.How come just a silver chest took 3 H to be opened. CRAZY! Add something more FUN! Like make war clan....U DON'T GIMME LEGENDARY BUT I GO AGAINST LEGENDARYS LIKE SPARKY, ICE WIZARD, LAVA HOUND!!!! But the most want from me gimme a Legendary...Most of the day I go againts Legendary players.. So addictive/addicting!! If you give me Legendary Card, I will give 5 stars. Now still 4._____25 September 2016, Yes!! LEGENDARY CHEST!!!! Before, gimme Ice Wiz then 5 stars...Still4... Surprisingly


This game is so simple and AMAMZING it's the best game I have installed on my mobile ever!! Everyone must try it! Connect to Facebook and tell ur friends about it then u can play friendly battles! U gain gems every time u level up (no need to buy gems) it's not from the type of games that u need to pay so u can play! This is literally the best game ever!!! Brilliant


Very good game but it takes a while to level up. But overall gameplay is really good easy controls and Amazing graphics. Well done SUPERCELL. Also if you click on the battle button and then press cancel it will put you in a battle which is very annoying. Also watch out for the hackers millions of them that play it hack to win against people on a lower level so if SUPERCELL could stop them that would be great. Omg


A little pay2win? Sure. Fun? Oh hell yeah. Excellent time killer, small download and hours upon hours of fun. If you're planning on getting to arena 9+ while free to play, it will require insane persistence and practice, but that's alright. This is a very demanding and difficult game. Also, don't expect just to *get* legendaries if you're free to play. You'll get them much later on than the pay2winners. Go well


This is a great game, really nicely balanced........except for 1 card, the ELITE BARBS! Those things are freaking Over-Powered! I know it's a fairly new card, so you wanna make it stand out from the rest. And that's fine but, jesus christ, I think it's fair to say... they're BROKEN. Well done!!


This game is a good strategy game with many cards that you can choose from! I really enjoy this game ever since I started! I really want a legendary but now this game is getting harder when I get to new arenas! Good luck to all and hope we get a legendary card ! (I really want the log or miner and I have been playing for a long time). Clash on! And Thank You Supercell for the princess, ewiz, log, and Sparky! :D .Plus, can I purchase your arena 9 pack, I missed the offer and I want to buy it! Thx :D Recommend


Great game. I agree it has become pay-2-win but even when you lose it just puts you against lower level players, so $ or not you can have fun. Good graphics, fast paced game play and there's always an opponent whenever you can spare the 3-4 minutes it takes from deciding to play to ending a match. Omg


The goblin deck is a well composed deck. It has multiple strategic views, but is less tactical than most. Relies heavily on placement and is very unique. Its a great deck, but it cannot handle the current meta. Even if the meta changed the players wouldn't. I think if healing spell is being introduced than so should a armor spell. It would allow swarms to endure a limited amount of damage before the armor fades or it could be invincibility for a limited duration. Since healing spell is coming soon, Its the perfect time to Nerf the Royal Giant. 5 star


I only see one issue that's the amount of gold and gems given for actually playing. Seems like a way to get money in a big way. I get making a profit that's expected no question, however give more gold and gems it won't hurt your pockets people who want to buy will buy anyway and the younger group or less fortunate group will not pay regaurdless of what they do or don't get in game cause they don't have it to spend period. love it


This game is a good strategy game with many cards that you can choose from! I really enjoy this game ever since I started! I really want a legendary but now this game is getting harder when I get to new arenas! Good luck to all and hope we get a legendary card ! (I really want the log or miner and I have been playing for a long time). Clash on! And Thank You Supercell for the princess and ewiz! :D Good

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