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Nov 17, 2017

Overall the gameplay is good but supercell cell, listen up There's people who I know who get legendarys in free chests and silver chests, and while I have been playing for almost a year, the best chest I have gotten is a magical chest. People quit in 2v2 battles just because they lose a tower. That's all and the overall game is good, but do something about this. NOW Worth a go!

Nov 17, 2017

I was wondering if we can do a 2v2 but against other clans.... TO PRACTICE FOR UP AND COMING TOURNAMENTS.. (we know our own players strategies and it'll also be fun) we have a family team now that's been in the game for a year going on to 2 years. Hope my message is seen... Flawless

Nov 17, 2017

The game is really good but. I think they should add a game macanice.. were you could sell your cards for gold. But I think it should vary on how much would be worth on selling your cards and.. and how much you could sell for each deak. But some might disagree with this because it could be a little over powerd when it come getting gold Not bad

Nov 17, 2017

It's a great game to play but the matchmaking is unfair. The opponents I keep getting matched up against have way better units than I had. I get wiped out every time. It would be great if they had a campaign mode against the CPU like in Clash of Clans. Otherwise this is a pretty good game. Go well

Nov 17, 2017

I like how quickly you can get into a match. But the game is far too difficult for a new person to have a chance. You might make a better selection than your opponent. But they are so much stronger that you lose anyway. Forcing you to pay to advance. That isn't a business practice I support. They need to make it feel like skill plays more of a roll. I don't like being attacked by things that I can't even aquire. Go well

Nov 17, 2017

I love playing and opening surprising chests, but people go back arenas with pekkas, baby dragons, and mini pekkas and its hard to win. I also dont like how you can lose trophies. It makes things harder when you are so ahead, then you go down 3 arenas for losing against people that have rares, epics, and ledgendarys. Enjoy it!


1v1 is terrible, and the new quest system makes it so the only way to get rewards is to play 1v1... Matchmaking is broken in 1v1 and 2v2... and players almost always leave during 2v2 with no system to prevent it or punish players who quit mid-match. It is fun if you are playing with ppl you know, on its own its mostly just annoying. Cool


It is a fun game but the thing is that if you get to areana 4 and up then it is so difficult to get all the cards so I would like it if you made it so that in the store it offerd the cards you didnt have first then random cards. Also I think you should lower the upgrade cost because it is actully rediculess. Do this and I will rate 4 star and for 5 stars I would like to be able to search for gamer tags so I can connect with my frinds that dont have social media. Flawless


Great, fast paced, overall good. My only complaint is the vines in arena 9 cover lava hound and a few other troops when placed in the back corner. Also, I'm in arena 10 and the match-making makes it hard to progress, please add card levels into the match-making system. Works great


It's a BICYCLE game...super fun and entertaining until I can't get rewards for the day... Only one problem... TE game keeps crashing when I'm in a winning situation.It will lag and nvr come back... I hope to give it a five star after you update and fix the bug... Thanks...also pls do start giving legendaries Becuz I'm at arena 6 going to seven and not a single legendary to improve my game experience Not bad


My only problem witn this game is every time I play a challenge I lose because the game freezes on me.. by the time I reload I'm dead! This makes me not want to play any challenges especially because it takes gems to play. WTH??? Cool


I think this game is very addicting and fun to play. I would recommend this game to anyone that doesn't have it. The only problem I have with this game is, I try to complete the quests as soon as I get one. Then I have to wait almost 24 hours to get my next one. Maybe lower the time until you get your next quest. Awesome


Well done supercell! You have made a fantastic game with amazing graphics! You make this game hard but fun! But... I am really disappointed at the fact there is no way in the game to get people to join your clan. Maybe add an menu where you can advertise your clan by giving coins or have a option where you can view people's profile. In addition, this will make it easier to invite your friends to your clan! Also why do you have to make chests take soooooo long to open? From 15secs to a whopping 3hours!? Maybe tone it down a bit with the time maybe 1hour or 1hour and 30mins?Furthermore why only one crown chest?? Before it was 2 chests! That would really help new players get better cards. But in general this game is completely amazing! I the future people will be calling this a classic. It's addicting, Its fun and it's for all ages! Also don't forget it's free! Keep it coming with these amazing games supercell! Worth it!


Why in normal battle, 1 elix cost more than 2 seconds? Is it slowed down? Last time it is only 1,5 sec. And card deploy time took longer than usual? I have no problem with connection, i use 4G wifi and no lag issue. Please fix the elixir problem Awesome


This is a great game. I heard about this while talking to my friend at school. Ever since then I have had a great time playing this and a great way to kill time. My favorite thing about it is the fact that you can make your own clan or join someone else's and play with each other Works great


I have been playing for a long time. Now my xp level is 8 and i'am in arena 7. But still i have not got any of the legendaries! When almost all of my friends got atleast one legendary. So why me? Great!


Game graphics are awesome.,Game syructure,Especially 2v2 is awesome...and thanks for making 2v2 permanent .. But,when iam going to arena battles,,You are giving me opponents having 10 and 11 king level and my king level is 9,and those opponents are having cards of higher level than my cards...How can i beat them...I cant even take 1crown from them...This is bloody stupidity ...Bloody bastard opponents... So,please fix this problem as soon as possible.. Give me the opponents having same level equal to me.... Please fix this soon... Well done!!


Can you add more monsters like slime and manticores and snakes? It would be so cool and maybe add a new card type:mystical. You can make op stuff with it like a baby dragon hive or a Cyclops or what ever you can think! It is cool and adding mobs like that would be so cool and new arena:Robo Arena. It could have like metal related enemies! So many ideas ! Atleast decide to make atleast two of the ideas i gave like the enemies or arena or card type?i would thank you so much for that and thank you for reading all this Recommend


Its a great game, but Supercell, you stole all my gems because you thought that I refunded my purchases although I didn't. Now I have to pay off 4000 and something gems because you got the wrong person. :( So give me back 25 gems, please, and cancel the negative gems for me Supercell. I am really mad at the person who took my gems. You know who you are. This is a great game, but this ordeal in terrible. Muito bom!


I am felling good as playing clash riyal and I'm progressing very much fast and so for more progress i need some more legendary like princess etc. So I request Supercell that if you can provide me princess then I would be very much thankfull to you so plz I need princess in game.And I have not got legendary yet. And my account no is 9YY8RU8V so plz I think you will provide me with it as you never embrace your players. Thank you Great!

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