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Sep 26, 2017

Its amazing. I've been playing it since like June of 2017. Its a great game. I honestly love it. But there's one thing I wish they would add. I wish that they would make it so you can be in at the most 4 clans. My reasoning for this is because there is three clans that I want to be in. One of them I'm already in with my friends. My other friends have three other clans. I also wish there could be more than 50 people in a clan. Surprisingly

Sep 26, 2017

A incredible game from Supercell. For me it is the best game I have ever played. This game never gets boaring with new cards coming monthly and regular balance changes. The META also changes frequently. We have several different METAs in last couple of months. Non-meta decks also works pretty well. I hope supercell will make this game more entertaining than it is now in future . I am also excited about the October update. The dev's AMA really hyped me up. Muito bom!

Sep 26, 2017

Just got my first legendary after 6 months playing, and grinding like a maniac to reach Arena 8... And then you guys gave us those 2 magical chests, and the time was due... Night Witch! No words are enough to describe my gratitude towards you. Thank you so much Supercell for this awesome game! Great job

Sep 26, 2017

Im giving it 3 stars. Only because I have just installed the game and don't really know what's it's about yet . 3 Stars fair for the unknown. I am having a blast with the single player an co-oop live play !!! Defently a game to have. Also im not even buying any thing and I can see myself steadly ranking up. The videos and side stories make this a one of a kind game. I would be as bold enough to say Game of the Decade!! Lol a little animated. I will post another review in a week ir so to see if i still feel the same. #CRthBlvd #DittyRealReviews #Vegas #Tokoyo #Wusa Must have

Sep 26, 2017

I have uninstalled this game before,since I had not been playing this game for years , I would have expected updates like.. You can get rid of any chest to accept a better one,... Also, it's takes too long to acquire coins to upgrade cards. Like I said years.. And I looked at the gem to dollar ratio.. Not even worth it. I work hard to play hard, not get robbed hard. Please make some changes.. Great!

Sep 26, 2017

I think 2 vs 2 button must be permanent. This game's legendary cards are very good but it should be less rare. We should get it by winning battles from arena 7 itself. As per the game' s rules it should have been available from arena 7 but most of the cases its not done. It needs high luck. I just want the legendaries such that it becomes little more easy to get. Omg


A great game to play while waiting. I have coc as well, and I had a half hour build to complete but no gems. So I play clash r to make up time. Amazing game, but, supercell, im a kid and I cant buy anything so if you make less stuff be priced but the stuff that is priced be more expenseve then im 5 stars all round! Thanyou supercell me and my brother love coc and clash r so much. Thankyou for this amazing game!! Fantastic


Really a awsome addictive game.. but its not a fair play.. It offered me only one legendary card as I am playing from the beginning. In the other hand one of my friend started playing just 4 months ago but he owned 3 legendary cards. one from the crown chest, another from the legendary chest and recently he got another one in the super magical chest. Now you decide. Is it a fair play?. Really Disappointed Fabulous!


Very good and fun game to play but what needs to improve is bring in cards to the game that are actually useful, next when you get legendary cards you shouldn't get the cards you already have you should get the legendary card that you don't have e.g. I've been trying to get the electro wizard but, I keep getting cards I already have and this is very frustrating. Also new balance changes are needed. And finally make the cancel attack button work. 5 star


Love this game but without the right Legendaries you'll get stuck like I am (WarSerpent). Cant get past Arena 8 despite trying numerous card combos. Always come up against someone who has more at the same level! Worth it!


This is an amazing game honestly, but unless you wanna spend all your money I suggest you don't even play. I'm at hog mountain and I've only spent about 30 dollars in this game so far, at that point you can't progress because you always have people who spend hundred to thousands of dollars to get the cards they want. This game is pay to win. Pretty good


I think Clash Royale is a great game to play and is very well put together for all ages, it is a fast paced game and at the same time can be played with an individual pace of your own to a degree being that there is a clock ticking, also new characters are released at a well balanced rate, so that the game doesn't become boring and the regular balance of the characters strengths and weaknesses are balanced to make the game more competitive. I recommend this game for all ages and abilities. It's great for a few minutes or an hour or so and this game also has several different tournaments you can enjoy yourself or with a friend or a teammate. See you soon on Clash Royale. A.K.A. Dad. Works perfectly


Overall I like this game and the concept that has been introduce to us, but during recent maintenance my game play was under a bug or glitch which i couldn't open my silver chest and free chest. I hope supercell the developer will look into this matter, as I have send in request through help and support and I did not receive any repond from supercell side. Kindly look in this matter thank! Brilliant


I like it very much because it was very nice to play. I spent the whole time to play it. It needs very little mb net. It is the good to play VS. In my vision it is soooogoooood. I thank to all by giving a better idea of my time in the game. Thanks supercell this is fantastic keep it up by. Guys i am waiting for new mor cards arena and more type of battles plz bring it i am waiting for rply by phËnomenal Cool


Hay Supercell Dark DeMaN Here Again Supercell Wen Well a Big Update Well Come Out? coz There's only 4 Cards That Well Come out Soon and it Really Sucks :( I Thank you Should Add a New Arena New Chest? Or Add 5 Cards So This Game Well Get Better :) Supercell Make This Game Better :) Dark DeMaN Out Good


Yep, it's awesome Works perfectly


Probably the best game I have ever played. I need to always keep doingstuff on it cuz its super addicting. I need to say Supercell this is really an amazing game. The strategy, the graphics, the emojis Recommend


This game is fun. At first. By the time you make it to arena 7, everybody has the perfect counter to your deck. I used to use a pekka deck and i deleted the game after i played 30 STRAIT PEOPLE with the inferno tower AND sparky. The sparky does too much damage. This game would deserve 4 or 5 stars if the matchmaking was improved. Actually the matchmaker doesn't need to be improved. The game needs a whole new matchmaking system 5 star


Great game, been on it since day 1.. supercell can see it, unfortunately it's not fun for me anymore. I face the same deck over and over and over. There shouldn't be a "meta".. I shouldn't cater a deck to defend a popular deck. So many cards and yet a select few is always played. I'm not hating. Just need time to get away from consistently playing it always. Until next time. Pretty good


I love this game!!! Supercell has made many games and I have enjoyed all of them. If your reading this comment, I truly recommend downloading this fun app.Keep up the good work! Also supercell my buddy, didn't get a magical chest today for the 2v2 and all my other friends did... Idk if it's a glitch or if he just didn't get any?? But anyway his name is King Ethan and if you could help fix this or let me know if he wasn't supposed to get it or idk... Thanks Surprisingly

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