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I have been playing this game since it launched. Developer knows all things about gaming minds. They made a beautiful arena's and all their cards. It's my most played game in ma life. Even i am in 12th now but I can't stop playing this game Awesome graphics, new quests, Struggle for gold and our most important treasure Gems it's fun having Gems and buying the legendary chest. Although I want only one card ice wizard for my collection of cards to be completed except new arena I love this game Thank u directors for this game Hats off Amazing!

The best competitive mobile game out there. There are many card options and always a sense of wanting to get better. There are incentives both early on with new cards, and later on with leagues. And yes, those who are free to play can get legendaries too! I have 40+ and recently got my first max card all as f2p. Awesome

Its a very addicting game. Very competitive if you have friends that you can play against. Its missing certain aspects that can make it better, like adding a war of clans. Just like clash of clans you face other people. It be good to be able to add your clan mates to your friends list so you can see when they are on instead of exchanging fb or phone numbers. Omg

Awesome game. Great graphics. Wonderful support!! Never crashed in my time of playing (which has been alooot) Account recovery can be tricky when you aren't linked to Google Play, make sure to link so you won't have to go through the struggles like I did! They were resolved within a little over a day though, which I was very impressed by! Game is slow at first but get past the beginning and you won't regret it <3 Works great

Best game out there! Coming from an adult that actually puts time and effort into the game, ignore the children that leave bad reviews. It is fast paced. With time, you and your decks will mature and you will get better. Legendary card will come(I have all cards and the only legendary I used is log). Actually, they come much faster than when I first installed. You don't have to spend money to advance. I'm in Challenger 2(again) for the 3rd straight month. Never spent a dime (sorry Supercell). If you are serious about a great game and great time waster, INSTAL! Recommend

Honestly, the game is one of the best I've ever played. The x-bow and other buildings (inferno tower especially) make the game less enjoyable as the cards are basically untouchable when built around them. Other than that, I love game but I do suggest having a sell card option where you can get rid of cards you don't want or need for coins depending on rarity and how many you sell at a time Perfect

I love the game, but there needs to be a way to report people especially cheaters. I try to tolerate it and not complain to much because I lose sometimes, but it's obvious to me that you can't put out 7 cards worth 5 elixir points each or the same type of card over and over again. I have come across many people who play giant skeletons, witches, giants, skeleton armies (just as an example) all at the same time. Or people who play 4 giant skeletons or put out 3 goblin barrels at once. I love the game and I try to enjoy it the best I can because it is a good game, but there needs to be a way to control this or to report people who do this at the very least. Fabulous!

Literally the best game ive ever played. Been playing since april 2016 and havemt stopped. Its fun its unique theres interesting cards theres updates its interactive and online new events. Im seriously addicted to this game 10/10 play if you havent yet. I got like 4 other people hooked on this game. love it

*Best Game For A Mobile Phone* If you loved "Clash Of Clans" you will fall in love with this game. Having good graphics and the best skill match basing. It has some of the cards you loved from "Clash Of Clans". The "Hog Rider", "Barbarians", "Witch", and many more. Please help Supercell out play this game. In my opinion I have been playing this game since release. It's still a pretty balanced game up to date. It will never die until there is a Sequel. Thank You So Much Supercell For This Amazing Game! Brilliant

The makers of this game have put their soul into it, bringing into life every element of the game. The characters are charming and beguiling. I'm in love with princess. Awesome

This game can be extremely fun. With that being said there are a few things i dont understand. As a level 7 shouldnt you just play 7's since your health is at the same state? Its highly frustrating beating down an opponet and if he was the same level you would win but you cant since its unbalanced. Along with the cards you receive in gold chest shouldnt they be something good even in the magical chest i reiceived. Seems like this game is more pay to win. It would be awesome if it was just balanced Worth a go!

NejiOmeGa here! love it

Love love love this game, and tech support is amazing, safe, secure, polite, and conscientious. Always evolving with game changing updates. Teamwork and strategy mean everything. Able to build something great without spending a dime. In game purchases are available but not necessary to win and become a champion. Awesome reward system keeps you on the same level as the top players. Keep up the good work Supercell! Must have

It's great, I love it it is so good however Supercell if you are reading this then let me ask you something. 4000 gems from arena 7 upwards is very harsh in my opinion so please make it at least half that amount. I haven't opened a giant, magical or super magical for ages, due to the cost of gems. And I think I speak for everyone when I say that Worth a go!

This game used to be incredible. This game was legendary, it was revolutionary, but something happened. I'm not sure what or how, all I know is that this game is rapidly losing it's fun carasteristics. Everyone plays the same things the same way and it's annoying. I've been playing this game ever since it came out, and it was amazing back then. Why not bring it back? I won't hate on the game, because it's good, but it is just too typical, too much of the same. Awesome

This is by far one of my favorite mobile games I've ever played. It's fun and competitive and generally hits every aspect of good addictive gaming. I've played it for a couple years now on and off.. But it's lost it's edge. Too many people take this game over the top and honestly I'm tired of dealing with children born with a silver spoon up their rooster literally buy out the game and op the system. I can't just enjoy the game anymore Fantastic

It is a really good game, it's fun, it was an awesome gameplay... I do not like the magic archer though... on your next balance update, make the magic archer better. I don't think i would ever except the magic archer until you update him. Oh ya! Watch out for those hachers... I also want a new legendary card... I really need one, kick those hackers! Thanks supercell loved the game. Works perfectly

I like this game too much it is a very great game. but I have only 1 legendary named miner my friends has 5 legendary plz give me 5 more legendary like Inferno dragon, sparky,electro wizard, ice wizard plz plz. my name in clash royale is AVENGER CLASHER and my clan name is DEADLY WIZARD and I am the leader of this clan. MY Real name is Tashrif. please give me a reply soon and give me legendary cards soon thankyou supercell. what is your messenger id supercell. plz join my clan I will give you co leader. Great!

The game is well done and very well balanced. Obviously paying customers have an advantage over non paying ones, but the app is free so it's up to you. The gameplay is solid and well done. With the latest update 2v2 became a mess, you always get matched against 2 of the same clan that have planned their decks. How funny. 5 star

I don't think my review is needed but I want to say that it is the most amazing game of all the multiplayer games i have ever played. Very addictive nice graphics and I would like if more new troops are added. It is very tempting to know what card I will get next Worth it!

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