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Mean game. It would be nice if the leader of clan can see how long a members have been in the clan. That way we can manage when promotions can be given. We dont want to give promotions to people who have just started in clan because of how well they play. That just aint fair for the people who have been in longer. That way clan members dont argue on who should get promoted. #fairpromotions #fairclanrules #winning Highly Recommend.

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Hello supercell. Umm, i was just wondering if you could do something for me. Uhh so stats royale says im getting a legendairy chest soon, so can you plz make it anything besides log or the miner or the lava hound. I love legendairs but the log anD the miner and the lave hound, i dont like. Can you plz make it a lumberjack Or something? But everything elce, is great! Really good graphis, and gameplay! I even have mega kbight! My player tag is ygp2cjjq. Thank youu!!! Muito bom!

In 2v2 I regularly face people who leave the match in between. Today while playing the touchdown 2v2 tournament, I faced a person who left the match in the starting, because of the person I lost the match and I was out of the tournament. I want the developer that in the next update there should be a feature that if in a 2v2 match one of the teammates leaves the match in between the match then either the match will be discarded or one of the players of the opponent team will not be able to deploy his troops. Perfect

Clash Royale is still the best game I've ever seen. With the exception of minor bugs, it has everything of a good game. Good strategy, balances in matchmaking, reasonable prices for cards, frequent updates, a very good balance between paying and f2p. For those active players, a legendary (40k) per 2 weeks is very easy. It takes time to progress in the game, but a great thing Is that THERE IS NOTHING THAT PAYING PLAYERS CAN DO THAT F2P CAN'T. I would recommend this game to everyone. Cool

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Just got over 3 or more weeks of a major glitch constantly having to reload the game, ti uninstall and then install it again. It was happening on all my devices and all internet connections. Finally, Supercell fixed the glitch, took them a really long time. I pretty much stopped playing the game. Otherwise a great game and very addictive. You do have to spend on in-app purchases in order to enjoy it fully. Pretty good

Your latest update is utter bs. From outta nowhere the opponents suddenly wins, costing me 26 crowns. I think the game algorithm is mixed up with the Touchdown mode and all you need to win is to touch the opponents tower. Pls read this and fix the bug. I am not the only one complaining about this glitch. And give me back my 26 crowns!! Marvelous

What do we do? I have been playing this game from 9 months now. In these 9 months i got 3 Legendary Cards 2 from chest and 1 from Clan Chest. But the thing is that all of them were Ice Wizard. I'm in Arena 9 from 2 months now Because i dont have the cards to win. I check the tv royale every time i open the Game for a good deck But. So Supercell tell me what do i do? I can't push to Hog Mountain then what do i do in this game? Please do something Cool

Clash Royale is a very good idea, and it continues to grow in the awesome potential it's had from the get go. I really love the fast gameplay and the friendly air of the game. I just started playing the 2v2 version and I didn't expect to like it. But it's very well done and I hope it will be permanently installed. I would also consider a 3v3 mode, but that's just an idea. Another thing that I thought was lacking... Is the in-game chat, I know you can't be vulgar but you only have a small selection of choices for communication. And although this game isn't purely for chatting, I think a little more interaction would be great. Some other ideas me and bro thought of was a shield spell that would last for like 2 to 3 seconds, 4 elixir? And the ability to clone buildings. Worth it!

Fun game to play but the lag is ridiculous. Annoying when you're winning a match and then lose because it lags out for 10 seconds. Whether I'm on data or WiFi... seems to happen at least a couple times a day... I find the matching system quite fair though... don't know what everyone is complaining about. Not bad

It a fun game and good time killer when it works. I cant enter the duel challenge cup tournament. It keeps say you have lost connection please loggin again every time I try to join: it would be nice if we could report. I'm tired of my teammate leaving in the middle of battle and not coming back. Make it so we can report for leaving in middle of battle Well done!!

I like the game as a whole but certain cards are Over Powered and single handely wreck anything. Sparky and the Mega Knight are two such cards. I would also note i have not run into all of the cards yet so im guessing there are more yet. Muito bom!

It's not fun losing because someone has higher lvl cards that beat your combo. After hundreds of hours youd think I would have earned one deck at full lvl, but I guess I haven't spent enough money. Also, why does the game insist on matching me with players 1-2 lvls above my lvl?! Plz make matchmaking actually skill based. This matchmaking system is either poor or made to incentivize spending money. Pretty good

This is the best game ever. And supercell, can u add google + sign in so that people who don't use facebook can also have friends.. Also I have like 8 leggie right now and I am so happy. And the new clan battle is awesome, it is the best. I wish it is permanent. Anyways clan battle is so fun to play and who ever created it.. U r awesome. Keep up the good work Supercell. Love you so much and ur games. Muito bom!

This game is AWESOME! It jas good gameplay as well as many other features I happen to like. Very good game. You should download this very good app. (Note: if you happen to not get many cards in the beginning of the game, don't worry. You will get them if you keep on trying.) Fantastic

I been playing this and it never gets bored. Please keep up by releasing new cards and arenas or some other challenges, chess mode probably? Secondly, I really need more deck slot as now we have more cards and battle mode. Five is good but adding more will be very helpful. Thanks Supercell Marvelous

I went into this game wondering how they are going to generate revenue. To upgrade your units to be competitive you need to collect cards from chests, which if you want the free option means having to wait 3 hours. You can keep playing but you can have 4 chests so it basically cones down to this, one 3 minute game every 3 hours. I'd like to say it's fun, but the game hasnt allowed me get into it by taking the free route. Will probably end up removing though the i may look at similar apps as i liked the gameplay Pretty good

Not as addictive as Clash of Clans. It is like those Nicotine gums which help an addicted smoker to quit smoking and live a healthier life. So, all those who are too much addicted to Clash of Clans and want to reduce this addiction, because it is hampering your social life and work, my advice to them is start playing this game. The games are very short and one does not require to spend a lot of time on improvising strategies for battles and defence. Gamers, here is your gum to your addiction. Cool

I have been playing this game since it was launched. The game was going good till you Supercell introduced different types of chests and legendary cards. The legendary cards. I admit these cards are super rare and it feels like celebration to get one, but introducing a chest for has made the spirit of this game to deprive. Everyone who doesn't take it as game just buy legendaries and fool the opponents. I have won over 650 matches and I am in builders workshop still no got one legendary. Seriously poor game Surprisingly

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