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Jul 24, 2017

I love this game. There are always many things that can make a game better tho. I recommend making a trading system. For example you can add a button on the battle screen that says trade. You could add what troops you want to send and what troops you want to recive. And you could trade items with players in your clan. Please do this but either way this is a very good game Perfect!

Jul 24, 2017

This game is amazing, and also you should make legendaries less rare... Just a touch. I finally got the lumberjack and I'm in jungle arena! Not complaining but, I'm mean I know that's the point of LEGENDARIES, to be super hard to get but its just a little to hard. But Supercell... You really outdid your self, especially with the night witch Omg

Jul 24, 2017

Hey super cell I think u should add in a card called the clone wizard. Which when drops, it clones everything around it. Then it can fire purple magic balls that can do 100 damge. This card should be a legendary. It should also have the same health as the normal wizard. Can be fond in jungle arena. I really love this game and it is really fun. Great job

Jul 24, 2017

CLASH ROYALE.! Nice game. Vry impressed fr d grt wrk by supercell.. Hatz off to u guyz. 3 strz coz afta d 4 slots r full dn itz noo use to battle.. Nd shd wait for 3 hrz fr silvr chest to open.. Nd gold 8 hrz.. I would rate it 5 if d tym iz reducd o ol d chest open at same tym.. Works perfectly

Jul 24, 2017

What I love most about this game is it's visual simplicity. The controls are completely glitch free, it takes very little to no data on my plan, you don't have to use money to get ahead, and their no stress involved. (Such as clan wars) And the battles have short time limits. Over all is a really solid game. Just wow

Jul 24, 2017

I would have rated the game with 5 stars no doubt. But the unfair distribution of resources and cards in he game compelled me to rate it 3 stars. I have been playing this game for about 6-7 months, and im in jungle arena with king lvl 8. But i have only 2 LEGENDARY CARDS TILL NOW. Other players at my stage have minimum 4 LEGENDARY cards. That is so not fair. I request the game developers to look after this. Must have


I think the game is reeeeeeeeeeeeaaaally good. BUT PLEASE make legendary cards less rare. Please. Overall the game is very very good. And in my other account I good a super magical chest from a battle and I got No LEGENDARY! I will delete the game if I don't get a legendary plus I worked HARD just to complete my chest cycle so PLEASE let me have a legendary I want an ELECTRO WIZARD. MY ACCOUNT IS DEMONGAMER213 I NEED TO HAVE THE LEGENDARY TOMORROW PLEASE! I worked my butt of just to get NO legendary card?! C'mon man so please please give me the legendary PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAASSSSSSE! Recommend


I played this game religiously since release, but went on a 10 month hiatus after being completely frustrated with the current status of the game. It's safe to say that they have added a lot more content and better opportunities to get legendary cards. Challenges are fun, but the star is 2v2 mode. Being able to win chests and crowns with a buddy and without the stress is a welcome addition. Hopefully they make it permanent, otherwise it might get stale again. Must have

John Vintimiglia

Great new 2v2 game mode. Finally one can play and get chests in order to upgrade their characters, without having to risk losing any trophies. And finally one can decide when one wants to risk losing or wining trophies by playing on regular mode.....this 2v2 option should be left in the game permanently and not is only fair.....please do not take it off the game after its expiration date Enjoy it!


EPIC! But if you could reduce the waiting time for chests to open,that would be great.I also think you should make it easier to get Legendary cards. I am at royal arena and don't hace one legendary. Others are saying the same thing so please see what you can do. Thanks a lot SuperCell 5 star


I think the game is great and all, but I don't really care about the stupid game anymore. After all these years that I have had the game I, not once have gotten a Legendary card and I am in Royal Arena. My Clash Royale name is Pugman888, and I hope you actually listen to this review Cause everyone I know has a legendary card, but me. -Pugman888 Must have


The love of my life got me into this game. She always comes from work and plays and we hardly get ttime to talk since its a long distance thing. But I play for her and the games good too. But she's the reason lmao. Isnt she the best or what? Love you to the ends of this world fatema mostafa mithi. Just wow


I feel like supercell is putting more effort towards clash royale lately. The new bridge spam tech is one that many players wanted from the beginning of the games launch. It also puts a spotlight on some of the underrated decks. These death spawn cards are also improving the chances for opportunities. So cards like rage, freeze, and clone are proving to be a bit more effective. Keep up the creativity devs. Works perfectly


I love how the devs are trying to balance each unit occasionally, instead of adding new units recklessly. All units are acquireable without buying gems so you can enjoy the full gameplay for free. The in-app purchases are fair, you can still compete with players who paid, this is what make good games great. Keep up the good work supercell! Muito bom!


Such a fun game. This game is perfect for those who are strategy lovers. Also this improves patience as it takes quite a few hours to open a chest. Also the graphics are excellent with the game play. I loved this game. Just 1 thing I wanna say to super cell, please make all forms of 2 vs 2 permanent in the game; it's such fun! Not bad


Interesting, addictive, head-to-head card-battle-deck-styled combat game for any age of player. Has special appeal for anyone that plays Clash of Clans, but stands on its own merits. -- If I have any one complaint it's the way money can buy you a combat advantage by way of unit availability. One could feasibly argue that similarly for all SuperCell games, though. Perfect!


Perfection Worth a go!


I gave it a 4/5 on gameplay because the 2v2 gamemode is only temporary, but I absolutely adore it. Clash of Clans got its own new gamemode added with the Builder Base, now allowing head to head combat between bases which I found amazing. My friends and I found it really cool how we can team up and fight another pair, and really enjoyed it. Please, I'm begging you, find a way to make 2v2 a permanent gamemode. It's so much fun that I'm telling more of my friends about the game in hopes of teaming up with them. Surprisingly


For 2 v 2 battle there is some issue Can you match our decks with our friends for a quick match Example : I have a tanker deck and my friend is support. That is a good combo. But if i and my friend deck is tanker sometimes it can be OP sometimes it doesn't work. And if i and my friend deck is support (no tanker) we are gonna lose. So can you match our deck with our friend deck? And it will be a fair battle Cool


I love this game greatly. The 2v2 draft is the best thing ever!! Please make 2v2 in general permanent, or I might take a huge break like I did last time because the game got boring. I wish more games were like clash royal, the combination of chess like rpg is awesome and truly one of a kind. Suoercell excelled itself once again. Amazing!

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