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Wonderful game Loved it. Simple gameplay. And easy to master as you progress. The game is easier or difficult according to the hero chosen and the special power you chose. Used to play an online version of this as a kid. PLEASE ADD SOME SURVIVIAL MODE FOR LONGER GAMEPLAY. Fantastic

Simple game yet fun The right mix of challenge and fun... Not too easy, but not exactly difficult either - good for killing time Great job

Fun little game Basically you just keep throwing stuff at enemies before they reach your temple. At first it's just another game, but then it grows on you. It's so much fun, albeit a bit too difficult in later stages. Only negative is it's too short. Recommended. Surprisingly

Not a hard fix. Just add a simple line showing where you're throwing and make it so you can hit the goblin things in one throw and everything will be fine. Great!

Wow Fun at first but the controls are too hard. You give it multiple chances but when the game gets hard and frustrating those ads become annoying quick. I gave this game a chance but maybe my expectations were too high. Perfect

What I really like about ironside games is that they are challenging and addictive without becoming a time sink. Worth it!

It was fun... It was fun until it the levels became basically impossible, and it takes me ages to beat, it eventually gets boring. The extremely hard levels made the game not enjoyable. And the enemies hit box seems to be just a little to small for the enemy itself, sometimes my arrows just go through the enemy doing no damage. I will give 5 star if there is a difficulty system to make it easier or harder. Highly Recommend.

Great concept, interesting game play.. The makers of this game are amongst my fav, and this game could have had a 5 star rating, but as other people pointed out, the aim accuracy is off, and when you have a bunch of enemies coming at you at once, this gets extremely frustrating. Would be good to have some powerup options like 'slow' or aiming arrows and missiles from the sky or something like this. It's very fast paced, and gets a wee bit too intense. Also, would be good if you could undo the upgrades to have a new attack strategy for each level Fabulous!

It is addictive...and frustrating. If the targeting was more accurate it would be more fun. love it

Yay!!! I finished it!!! (I finished it a long time ago actually, and I downloaded it again and finished it again. xD) I hope there are more levels, or if not then like special games or levels or somethin, to take away the boredom of repetitive lvls, or something. xD But I love it actually. Enjoy it!

Game is entertaining but the are ads that pop to cover the screen that need to be closed manually after each stage. Amazing!

Fun, but too hard The game is easy to pick up and fun to play, but becomes too hard. I found it impossible to get past level 7 no matter what I tried. Cool

Really Fun Aiming can be a bit off. but the more you play it the easier it becomes and it's really addicting. I'd like to see a sequel to this or an update with new enemies and upgrades.. maybe even new characters to play as!!!! I really enjoy this and it would be great if it had more content!!! Worth a go!

Best game in a long time Really wish there were more upgrades and more unique power up's. You need skill to play this game, loved it for that. Enjoy it!

A really addicting game The sad part is there's only 20 levels and also there's a boss but I dunno who he is but I completed the game so yea sad 5 star

Its great but.. I LOVE this game I've beat it 2 times but then out of know where it just stops working it won't even open if fixed i would happily give 5 stars 5 star

Short and sweet Great game but it's kind of short. There are 3 types of play so it's a longer to complete the entire game. I don't know how the maker's can make money though cause it's a free game with no ads? No ads is a plus for players though. Great job creating this Worth a go!

The Clash Wonderful Ironhide games grphic design. Goog gameplay. Menu are a bit clunky feels like a beta version, but the great gameplay makes up for all the shorcommings. The worst par about this game is that its too short! Great!

Great game This kind of awesome free game is rare nowadays. For those who have trouble with hercules bounce power, what u need to do is to keep throwing rocks up into the sky or onto the ground. Don't throw directly onto enemies. The point is to give the rock momentum in vertical direction, so that it will hit enemy multiple times, instead of bouncing out of the screen. For those who are complaining about the aiming, dont aim , feel, otherwise upgrade the player. Enjoy Amazing!

Great game Really great game, just add a few new heroes and special abilities to the earlier ones. Enjoy it!

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