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Best game i ever played and i am biggest fan of this game. I will play this game untill i get 50 but if you change two things that you can link with two devices and change your name two times. Please do for you one of the biggest fan. BEST GAME DEVELOPERS SEND A RESPONSE. WAITING FOR NEXT UPDATE WITH THIS CHANGES...... Pretty good

lnstaII "VEARN' App to Start Earningz.. Ref- (RERA) I never knew that I can earn money just by WATCHING Advertisements! VEARN App is legit one which allows earning points by doing simple tasks like watch advertises,videos and so on. Then you can exchange your earned points for PYATM/PYAPAL/GIFTS and there're various options to choose from. Also VADZ App is perfect for anyone in anywhere who has free time and doesn't want to waste it, you can use it while working, travelling.. simply earning by watching advertisements,videos. Awesome

HI SUPERCELL!!!! I really like this game but I have to make a few suggestions. When we get war bonus,it goes into the castle and when we collect it the whole loot comes in. This is actually not appropriate as when we go for a raid,there is no space for the resources to be filled. You can also bring more content during updates. There can also be a new base. Maybe a trooper's base???... This could provide more content for players who lack content.SO PLSSS SUPERCELL,IF U ARE READING THIS PLEASE MAKE SURE TO IMPLEMENT THESE AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE.$$$$ Amazing!

Name: error 404 tag : #Y9VVJJRPR Clan : fier of dragon townhall : 4 Xp level : 20 My mom uninstalled it unknowingly. I love this game I can't come to my old game. please help me. I also trie ingame settings. It didn't work. Pls hlp me Now I'm th 1 .. name is prasanna and xp lvl1 pls givee back my old village.. I want it back pls Just wow

This is by far one of my favorite games. After the most recent update however I've been having trouble with a black screen right before the SUPERCELL logo. The game is well worth the time and effort but if you could fix that that would be fantastic Must have

I wasted money on this game just so i can jump off line and it raped from me. I like the game but 100,000 elixer should not cost 250 gems. I been playimg for 5+ years lets say a long time. Spent lots of money on it well over $1,000 over the years and it should given free gems after so many years and so much money. And That's why I don't spend money on it anymore. Worth a go!

Last review I wrote was in 2014 and I can honestly say I have absolutely ZERO complaints. I always manage to get my village back on a number of devices...the help and support Centre is fantastic. The game itself is easy to understand, fun to play and over the years has developed into something much larger than I initially expected it to be. Hoping to see what other amazing things are in store. Keep up the excellent work guys. From your super loving Chief Danitsa. Marvelous

lnstaII "VEARN" App to Start Earnings. Ref- GARA i Never knew that I can earn money just by WATCHING Advertisements! VEARN App is Iegit one which allows earning points just by doing simple tasks like watch advertises,videos and so on. Then you can exchange your earned points for GMES/PYAPAL/PYATM and there're various options to choose from. Also 'VADZ' App is perfect for anyone in anywhere who has free time and doesn't wana waste it, you can use it while working, travelling.. simply earning points by watching advertisements,videos.. Works perfectly

This game is a time killer and super fun many people say you gonna have to pay for gem to match other people's skill because they have played a lot longer then you and that's not true when it come to attacking or defending your base it have a system so you only play with other on your leavle. So in all you should play clash of clans and save your free gems Fabulous!

Plz supercell we r waiting long days for coc 12th . Max member like that and give more updates for us not bad updates. Only good u want to give and we like ❤that always. We r wait for 12 th I am also supercell plz give that for your player. I like to be some request for coc. Change the concept of playing that some much plz like different. I am not say your game is bad . Chage the styles to attract player to more impressive for this game. I think u got it!!. And for yours. Chief ✌ Clash on!! Perfect!

Hi supercell I am Ishan form India I had not connected my coc account with Google play and the game was uninstalled by mistake. It's was a th9 please please please try too give my account back its would be really grate please if u can do something plz send a feed back I will give u my players tag. Thanks Please Cool

Been playing for over two years w/ 2 villages. Lately have been having lots of problems getting the games to load especially when using the super gamer ID village/save option. Been happy with the effort put in by tech suppprt when trying to help. Unfortunately, some of their help doesn't last long before the problems popup again. At least I've been able to see how it's supposed to work for a little while. Must have

Very addictive, and I've been playing this game for a year or two, without a break. The BB's money grind is probably the only thing which brings this for me. It can be very frustrating if you can't win your matches, since this is practically necessary to progress through the game. However the game itself looks beautiful, especially in the BB, and it has a stunning and hypnotising soundtrack, which is even better in the BB again. It has unique design, cool buildings, and except for the BB grind, the gameplay is well made. You don't have to sink money into it either, and if you want you can go far with some commitment, you can do so without a deep wallet. There's no adds or anything either, so you don't need to pay for the game in any way. I have a town hall 12, and BB 8, and I haven't spent a dime. I really hope COC will last a little longer. Worth a go!

Its so fun because its a game you can play for years.its not like those games you play for a week and beat and then your like what the heck, I just got this game.Clash of clans is soooo fun. You can upgrade things and there's a new ship type thing that has a ????? that I don't won't spoil it for you so I'm not going to tell you you just have to download the game and see. Worth it!

Hey supercell thanks making such a gud game but there's a problem i cannot see the news and for you but i can see events what happened to the news and for you i clicked on news dan there is nothing but white why dis happened now i cannot read the news today a news came but i don't know what is itplizzzzzz i request u to fix it plizz. Reply me. Thank u. Go well

Super game my favourite game really nice guys download it .I have A small request if we have got any bonus in war or Multiple battles it automatically goes in Clan Castle ,and when we want withdraw it give whole treasure comes out. So if U keep a device ,in which we can type how much amount of treasure we want to withdraw. It will be great honor if U put it in next update. Great!

A nice game. I will always be in search of games. My Friend recommend that this is nice game. I installed it. He said that join in my clan. I joined in his clan. Now I am playing this game wonderfully. Thank you super cell and coc. But only the problem is maintainance of server. It says try again later. That's why I have rated it 4★. Other wise iwll give 5★. But any way game is wonderful. PLEASE INSTALL THIS GAME IT'S WONDERFUL GAME wow lol

I play this game for over 5 years. It's truly addictive with great graphics and I really enjoy it. Tbqh tho it needs more work from the developers. The game is slow and needs weeks to upgrade stuff and you have to pay a lot of money to upgrade them faster. Plus it's unbalanced and some troops need fixing (barbs and the battle machine AI suck) Surprisingly

Combat system, units training and upgrades everything is beautifully managed. Sometimes the game do crashes but that's a rare occurrence. Aesthetically great, great character designs, everyone gets equal opportunities no unfair advantage from any base placing. The shield system after the upgrade has been made more convenient for attacking. Minor glitches and maintenance breaks beside that game is spectacular. Go well

I "liked" this game until I reached around 4500 trophies and the multilayer search times take consistently 5-10 mins to find an apponents base which has persisted for months. Same problem across my alliance. They could at least not make the search screen full of white clouds which drains my battery. I figured they would have fixed this by now but but I can't deal with it anymore. I quit. Enjoy it!

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