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Best app ever Now when I lose my phone I found it Must have

It works -- I set the sensitivity to 75%. But boy are the ads *obnoxious*. I would pay a couple bucks to never see them again. Flawless

I always forget where I put my phone when I download this app it help me so much thanks Brilliant

Took lots of playing with the sensitivity, but I got it working perfectly. Very happy with the results. 5 star

It was great. It really helps me when I forgot where I'd put my phone. I just want recommend to the developer of this app, to put a clap recognition, 'coz it also detects even the sound of a passing car beside me when I'm walking down the street. Awesome

I hate it it's dum it d does it work because every single time when I tried it clap it doesn't work. Amazing!

Great concept but it goes off sometimes without me clapping and while my screens on Recommend

This apps very efficient however you need to keep clapping for your phone to be found wow lol

Nice It works but sometimes the alarm goes off when I place my phone down etc. Cool app though. Cool

I say is a great app, I most of the time I didn't remember where I put my phone, I glad this app help me (● v ●) Muito bom!

This is as good as gold once i lost my phone at te bus stop i clapped and my phone was in a dudes pocket! Not bad

This app is so cool the should have came out with this when cell phone's first came out. Now how about one for my keys!!!! Go well

Sometimes my parents will hide my phone and a clap to find it like when i clap to get my dog's attention Amazing!

It is amazing it helps me so much i would definetly rekomend it to anyone who loses their fone alot Works great

Not what I was expecting but the thing with this is that the only way it can pick up sound frequency is when I am close to it Worth it!

This app is really nice!! Only one thing made me rate 4 stars, it starts to ring at some sounds that are not claps. Tip: try to put the sensivity a little bit lower. Well done!!

I think it's very delayed. But it will work. It'll just take my time to process it. Cool

Once you get the sensitivity set to your preferred percentage this app is everything you'll ever need should you accidentally misplace your phone but know it's close. Worth it!

I love this app I tested it out because I thought no not going to work at all so it does work I give it all stars wow lol

Four stars because the reaction is very delayed. Like 10 seconds delay so i will walk out of the room THEN it will start beeping Flawless

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