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It would be really awesome if we could track a bus by tapping the icon, when viewing its route! Superb!

It is pretty precise to track your location, total transportation fee and very helpful for traveling alone in a strange place Pretty good

Five out of five cant find much or anything wrong with this app. Best transit map ever I love this app. Good

Great app. But sometimes doesn't show the best route. If you have a daily train commute it would be great to get notifications 24 hours b4 to say trains/station not working today. Drop down menu would be great if it showed station names instead of haven't to open app. Amazing!

It is a really good app, but it would be nice if it tells you when the buses are on diversion Works perfectly

Best transport app I've used so far. Great response from support if you ever run into any problems. wow lol

It saved our holiday! Took a short time to understand the interface, but then it was smooth sailing. Highly recommended if you are in a foreign city. Pretty good

Great app. But, I constantly get notifications that the overground is suspended. Several per day, including during the night. The overground is always suspended in parts - it's huge and some parts are shut for long periods for maintenance - and I never get the overground. Why do I get these notifications? Cool

I love this app. Absolutely the best when you need to quickly find a new route to work or back home. Great!

Best transportation app ever, I love it!! No other apps can compete with citymapper. I wish I could use it every cities I go. Perfect

I was stuck on my phone when the app alerted me of my destination. I couldn't believe it! I probably would have missed my stop. 5 star

Even it is not accurate in walking routes, not showing all possible routes and prices timing with my travel pace, I love it. So much care in user experience and gamification of my traveling. I keep it now always aside my main travel helper app in the Netherlands Marvelous

Great when it comes to calculating journeys and routes but it's real time information isn't great when it comes to roadwork, delays etc - pretty vital in London! Also it's GPS for going places on foot is shockingly bad. Awesome

Great app. My only issue is that opening a notification about service changes doesn't clear the notification. It has to be swiped away manually. wow lol

i usually user gmaps and Öffi to get around Berlin, but i think ill also incorporate this app into my daily route planning it has some REALLY cool features that my two above mentioned apps dont have (shows u exactly where to walk if ur switching from sbahn to bus for example, or a calorie counter for walking routes, and a really sweet understandable UI) Muito bom!

Thank you for this app. Coming from horrendous transit of google maps and PTV app here in Melbourne, finally I found something reliable and it was more than what I was looking for. Like Get Off alerts are awesome and being able to see which bus runs from which station just by dragging through the map. Brilliant

I don't really write reviews, but I absolutely love this app. It gets me from A to B so easily as well as finding the best route and method of travel when looking for a new restaurant. Very user friendly and the alerts are handy too. Keep it up! Fantastic

You're beginning to complicate too much. Don't forget what is primary purpose of your app. Keep simple. And notifications almost doesn't exist lately. Worth a go!

Lifesaver if you are traveling to Europe. Non intrusive and very simple to operate. My 60 Yr old father is comfortable with it. More power to you City mapper team! Amazing!

Automatic rerouting is a pain for new users since you could be going round and round your destination. I like this app very much because it precisely shows if you are deviating from the destined route. Amazing!

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