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Great app To all those having trouble exiting the app try dragging the screen down from the top to reveal the control panel. It works for me! Go well

Needs improvements Good start, seems too much information for general public. Splinting?? Really. Overall I like the concept but the execution is a little disappointing. Great job

Contains Useful Information Clunky navigation. It seemed like a bad sign when a tutorial was offered. I would like to see something like this have a clearer, more intuitive interface. 5 star

Essential app Lots of excellent information. Does take over screen, but if you swipe down from top on Android you get back your control. Muito bom!

Good, just a few tweaks Great idea but interface a bit confusing and could be a bit more 'flowing' and opening the app masks the home and return buttons on my Sony Xperia. Thanks though! Works perfectly

a good start... many are complaining about having to restart their and hold the off key and square away your open apps..know your phone should be a needs a companion app for deeper learning whilst not actually being i right?..ahahahaha..hny.x ((and you shouldn't need to give your phone number,that is in front of them,on a screen,as many people have trouble with is all you need)(and the people who are shouting for your help don't need your help))+abc..i would love to.aptk.. Recommend

Great for First Responders & Novices Excellent for major accidents and disasters too. Could do with advice on being treated as a suspect, and dealing with your own emotional shock. Not bad

Great app very instructive Only 1 complaint, AEDs can be tricky to use you should add in a simulator for next update. Flawless

Great idea Although I was a military medic that was a long time ago. This app helps refresh me. I see this app as very valuable in these troubled time. Pretty good

Great idea Good basic info but navigation is not instinctive. Feel it's confusing where you are info wise in the app and easy to swipe away from parts of it.

Good info! Good, but a bit confusing from the start. Can you make links to other pages easier to see for less tech-savvy users?

Valuable life saving advice Having completed many First Aid courses over 25yrs and taught First Aid, this app is a valuable piece of information. I have always believed that First Aid should be part of the National curriculum in schools and courses for Adults should be available for free,

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