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Citizen Aid please read asap. A must have. Read and understand now! it could be a life saver. We hope we do not have to use it in a terrorist incident but the knowledge is good. Perfect

Citizen AID Great app for not only in acts of terrorism but in everyday life. I work with the general public and in my career I've had to assist 5 people for one thing or another where I've had to help until the emergency services arrived. I think this is brilliant to have a guide but let's hope I never have to use it. love it

Citizen Aid This is app is a life saver & a must everyone should have it & prepare for an emergency. The United Kingdom & Most Countries in the world are at a high risk of Terrorist attack & this time it is at severe level risk the highest level there is. A lot of things in this app are common sense but gets forgotten in an emergency use this make a plan & be ready, it's not a Case of IF their is an attack but WHEN their is an attack make sure you don't become a victim of not being ready or not able to Help the Injured Enjoy it!

Good idea, poor navigation Really great idea but it's really confusing to navigate and I'd be lost using it in an emergency. Would be nice if it had direct button to report attacks - eg is there a way you can text 999 if you're hiding and can't talk. Hopefully it can be built on and improved? Awesome

Useful but Terrible UI and doesn't appear to be fully written with on screen navigation buttons like on Pixel and Nexus devices in mind. Swiping up to reveal the nav bar as app activates the full screen 'immersive' mode doesn't work properly as the app interprets the nav bar access as tapping the screen within the app. Brilliant idea though and hopefully will help save lives in this dangerous world we now live in. Worth it!

Very useful and informative but GUI needs to be better Excellent idea. Contains very useful information that would save lives and educate. The GUI could do with some human factors analysis as I think some people may find this hard to navigate especially under stress. Surprisingly

Great Was on the BBC news and when I first downloaded was worried it needed Internet but happy to see it doesn't! From someone who's first aid trained it's great! Great for even if you're not in a terror attack (which was said by BBC), might help if you were in a serious car crash for example! Must have

Brilliant It locks my phone and all its functions though. I had to put it in sleep and then quickly tap on home to regain functions. So had I needed to call police, ambulance etc, I'm delayed. Hope this will change in updates. Omg

Very useful information but cant quit! Very handy first aid info to have in any situation, but i cant see how to exit it? It hides the home button and no quit option in app...otherwise really good app tho Fantastic

Exactly what the public needs right now! Some of the comments are really daft. This is meant to be LEARNT BEFORE a situation. In an emergency situation you wouldn't read through this. Don't be daft! Just wow

A good idea, but has a few problems. Firstly, the app doesn't explain what 1, 2, 3 little squares mean on the 'triage' page. It seems to be suggesting, 'if someone is walking, then go to 3', but doesn't explain what '3' is. And '3' doesn't link anywhere. Secondly, zooming-in is pretty useless, because you can't move around the page when zoomed-in. Thirdly, you would expect the home page to take you to the main menu, but it takes you back to the initial start page. Some kind of menu navigation button would be better. Overall, as others have said, the GUI could do with improving. You can see they have just taken the printed pamphlet, and tried to turn it into an app, without much consideration of UI. Nevertheless, it is a good app, considering all the info that's packed into it. Great!

Top drawer This sort of well-meaning app is normally dreadful. This one is great. GUI takes a minute to get used to, so check it out before you need it. I can't praise this idea more highly. Superb!

As others have said it is impossible to leave the application without turning the phone off. One cannot even dial a number let alone access other programs whilst it is running so the advice to report matters is pretty useless! It needs a lot more work to make it user friendly. Amazing!

Good app, needs some development. A good start to an excellent idea. I Hope the developers heed advice from previous reviews, such as difficulty to navigate (it needs to be simpler for someone who may using it in a stressful situation as intended). First aid needs updating too - I'm quite sure that the Resuscitation Council currently advise against using breaths between compressions in CPR as there is no evidence of their effectiveness and also for infection control. Overall, I feel this will evolve into a very helpful app. Cool

Good clear advice. Given most injury situations encountered will be accidental, and most trauma a RTA a few pages on that type of first aid might help. Marvelous

Very useful Luckily I haven't had to use it yet but I have played with it for a bit and all of the information is clearly presented and easy to follow. The idea behind it is amazing and will be very useful if there ever was a terrorist attack or stabbing etc. This app can literally be a lifesaver and the information should never be forgotten. I recommend this app to everyone. Highly Recommend.

Brilliant app As well as putting the phone on silent mode shouldn't lowering the screen brightness whist hiding (especially in night clubs, theatres ECT) be advised wow lol

Better to have it & not need it than need it & not have it! Will hope I never need to use it but a great idea/app in the turbulent current climes!! Worth a go!

Good information to know in advance Read the contents now so that if something happens, you already know what to do. I don't see the point in waiting for an emergency to find out what you should do. The confusion about the triage numbers is fairly logical and seems to be, 1 for someone who is critical and needs help now, 2 can wait for treatment from paramedics and 3 for "walking wounded" who is capable of getting help themselves. I had no problem navigating in or exiting the app. Good

Hogs the screen Very useful for any emergency situation, but once opened, it obscures the other navigation buttons on my Nexus 7 Android. The only way I could find to close it was to shut down my machine and reboot. Perfect!

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