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Great advice, GUI needs a massive refresh. Very informative app but hard to know how to navigate as navigation flow is not clear, it looks like a scanned page from a book rather than designed for an app. Flawless

A basic PDF book which you must, must, must read before you need to use it. Basic first aid training is needed to get the gist of it and I advise watching a video on improvised tourniquet application before as the explanation here may not suffice. In an active situation you will be more than a bit fooked but 10 minutes on this before shft may help you. Highly Recommend.

How do u turn it off? Had to restart phone. Navigation overly clunky, could be much better 5 star

Informative and Educative . A++++ Rated Quite necessary to meet up with the challenging times we face in these generation .It is very Educative and essential to introduce into the school curriculum all over the United Kingdom as well. To enlighten everyone to be aware of their surroundings .. Perfect!

Citizen AID Useful information & advice. This app. may very well save lives, including your own. It's clear & well presented, and offers some very important tips that may not already occur to you. What's not to like ? Perfect

I Hope I Will Never Have To Use It Clear straight forward and easy to use. Gave it 5 stars as it could save your life or the life of another person. Not bad

A colleague at work told me about this app. Absolutely brilliant, needs to be standard issue with every smart phone as it a useful 24 7 app. Need to 'play' with it to appreciate the potential but in any situation it will be your life saving friend. I've nicknamed it Clive! I will be recommending this to all my work colleagues, family and friends. Recommend

GREAT! I was trained in advanced first aid many years ago, but here the basics have been much updated and made very clear. The emphasis on life-saving moderated by the need for personal safety is crucial. Thanks to all. Omg

Great idea; but terrible UI. Doesn't use any standard widgets or buttons - it's trying to reinvent how app navigation should work. Which means it'd probably be impossible to use if you're in a stressful situation. It should silence your device on launching, or ask you if you want to silence your phone. It shouldn't need to tell you how to navigate through it. It shouldn't need a tutorial on using what is effectively a leaflet/ebook.... Marvelous

This app does seem to freeze, but if you scroll from the bottom of your screen upwards, the control buttons come back into view. Hope this is helpful. Worth it!

Excellent app but fills whole screen, hiding navigation symbols so unable to ring out. Discovered that by dragging down from top of phone you can get around this problem Worth a go!

A must have App A must have app for travellers and people living in the increasing number of regions prone to terror attacks. Sadly this version lacks a social media sharing feature. 5 star

Poorly organised Great idea but very confusing to navigate. Seems quite disorganised and can easily get lost in the app Pretty good

Excellent app for the general public and must for all with the things that are relevant these days Great!

Not a bad start It's a very good idea but a lot of good advice is missing, no mention of being able to text the emergency services on 112 (after registering for service) or under "being observant" be mindful of people filming, as terrorists will often film their operations for website proporganda, but like I say good idea just needs more work. But I would strongly advise everyone to learn First Aid, it's essential. Go well

Excellent Good solid advice. But still need something to send real time pictures text and video to rather than the social media sites. If you can't talk but can text there is no where to send it to. Flawless

Brilliant idea Phone on silent - that could be the life saver in itself and one I'd not think of. Maybe add a note to switch off any alarms too as i think they override the silent option. Thanks for the tips, hopefully I wont have to use them! They need to be a front page news article so everyone knows what to do. Fabulous!

Citizen aid Great app but to be read & prepared before an emergency arrises, if you want to read it when the emergency is happening be prepared for it to freeze your phone, so if you want to remain hidden & quiet it wouldn't be any good because the only way to get it off the screen is to turn off your phone & back on again which then you get the start up tune on your phone starting. This could in turn delay a 999 call. Like I said you need to read & remember the great advice in this app BEFORE an emergency happens. Well done!!

Great app, unfortunately essential Unfortunately a must for these troubled times, and useful for other situations where control and triage is required. Would be useful if the app could automatically silence the device and disable vibrate once it is opened. Judging by theatres most people don't know how to silence their devices! Maybe also have a text feed from a radio station that activates as listening to a station isnt really appropriate. Great app though. Works great

Good start, needs work. Great idea to incorporate terrorism into a first aid app but has clumsy navigation. This is simply an ebook, additional simple functionality could automatically silence and dim/brighten your device. Smart functionality could alert emergency services with GPS and switch on/record video/audio. Could also send SMS to pre advised numbers. It's a good start but there's a long way to go. Brilliant

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