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Bummer. I was really excited about this app but it doesn't work on my Zenfone AR. My camera doesn't initiate and an error toast pops up saying "Cannot connect to Tango service." Guess I'm too late to the party. I really wanted to be able to use the app because the features look incredible! Worth it!

Shockingly good stabilization. I finally got around to exploring the other features and they're equally impressive. Well worth the $3 to get HD recording. Now I just hope that more manufacturers put Tango in their phones so this developer can gets the income they deserve for this amazing app. Go well

Amazing camera app. These are all the things I was hoping to be able to do with the camera on the Zenfone AR ... Thank you so much. Please develop a still camera version! Or adds DoF stills to this! "Restore defaults" would also be nice as I accidentally bumped a slider and now I think I need to go delete all the app data :-/ Going to go do the in-app purchase right now to support this app. Worth a go!

The tech is awesome, but I have no idea what I am doing in the app. I would love some sort of settings bar or mini explanation of the features. Amazing!

Good stabilization, love it can record 720p now. Low light performance is a bit weird though, lots of flickering and doesn't handle anything outside of bright daylight without flickering and heavy noise. (UPDATE) I think the flickering is an issue with latest Tango core as the same thing appears in other Tango apps. Recommend

Good stabilization, but it only records at 960x540 on the Phab 2 Pro. Is this really the best it can do with stabilization? There are also very limited settings and no apparent focusing options. Worth a go!

Top App! No better app has been ever made. Great for everything and works well on the go! Well done!!

A Must Have App I participate in many competitions and pitches and this app allows me to produce production-like quality videos for my presentations for a great cost savings. Not bad

Blown away by the panning smoothness! This app is very effective for smoothing out shots. An invaluable tool for any video enthusiast. Superb!

The developer is awesome to work with. They have been nothing but helpful and offering tips to attempt to get the app working. Going to give it the app another shot looks very promising using the features of tango to enhance the video. Worth a go!

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