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Good app for my sister. My sister always playing Cinderella makeup sallon but so many ads. Worth a go!

This game is fantastic but the cost of the accessories is very high so,please make it less. Good

It's a great game but please make more mini games instead of having only three, and there are waaaaayyyy tooo many ads please reduce them Highly Recommend.

I love this game..... Worth it!

Iove this game it is so good at the house is the best thing ever is easier if u can delete this game for a few minutes late for that and the other side is a very nice game and you will have fun at all times Superb!

I Love this game and it is very exiting and good to time pass and I will be able to get the best way to give the Ratting Great job

It is a good game, and a fun one to! But, the stuff that you get for free, once you exit, it goes away and you have to get it again. The reward videos take to long to lode. love it

Superb superb superb game this is I like the game. It is the best game in terms of dress up Brilliant

It's nice but except 1 or 2 things, others r locked... & the things r expensive too... Superb!

این بازی عالیه منم کیانا تقدیم به پسرای گل Awesome

It's the best game according to me because when I'm in train I used to play it and get time pass I really like this game Surprisingly

This game is very fantastic. The Cinderella doll is also very beautiful. I love this game & play it every time. Also there are miny games present here. Must have

Nice first i taught it is not nice. Must have

I think that there should not be free things. Whenever I click on the free items it never opens. Awesome

Nice game it is Awesome i like this game so much Great!

Very, very, very, very interesting game..... Loved it Well done!!

This game is very good but some dress are unlocked and want to see video to unlock it but when we unlock the dress we can only wear it to the Cinderella one time Works perfectly

I had download this game for my sister and she liked very much and from my side the review is, that it is not a good game it is very good game......... wow lol

I have a many games like this but it is the best game ever i I have a dream of this game but i don't now the dreams come true i love this game so much Superb!

It's really awesome and there are so many pretty things but many things are locked Fabulous!

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