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Ok so! Downloaded the trial and,for the first time in years,decided that the trial was SO long the game mist be amazing and I had to buy it. BIG mistake. The BEST game play is in the trial imo,the game after I bought it was short and boring and the bonus 'cinderella' game was not worth the purchase! Not only am I wishing I could get my money back but also the time spent playing. Disappointing to say the least. Recommend

A real Xmas game. Little childish in places, particularly extra game but good nevertheless. Note jigsaw puzzles in extras does not seem to work properly as you could not rotate pieces. Amazing!

I love this game! It kept me thinking. This was one of the best big fish games l every played. Surprisingly

So, I downloaded this game and got stuck at the snowshoe construction, game would not allow me to see the pole for directions to the next area. So I uninstalled, reinstalled exact same problem. So uninstall it is. I will say up till then I was really enjoying thd game, the little elf was great. I am just disappointed I was unable to go any farther. Great job

Gave 3 stars because I had to keep loading. Froze up several times. Storyline is good, though. Fantastic

Good game, typical hog. Not too dificult, but a serious battery hog so keep a charger handy. Flawless

This game is cute.It glitches a lot which makes it a bit frustrating.The Puss in boots Christmas one is much better. I got this on sale ,I would not have wanted to pay full price Awesome

Cute story for this time of year. Graphics were really great. Like how ornaments move and make noise, different objects light up. Sweet story. Enjoy it! for Christmas!!! And a fresh breath of light in a usually dark genre of these type of games. Thank you for a wonderful holiday present! Cool

This game is perfect! The graphics are phenomenal! It has everything you need: the strategy guide, teleporting map, 2 collectibles elf-like character and puzzle pieces, bonus chapter (that was longer than usual and FUN). The evil elf always makes for an entertaining adventure. All the whimsical touches everywhere. If you touched items just sitting in the scene it would move or jingle and characters there just for show would giggle or coo,etc. Way too many things to list. There's not a thing I can think of that could be added to make it better!!!!! I can't wait to play this game with my grandbabies! Perfect for the family to share time playing together! This game is for children of ALL ages! Definitely brought out the child in me. I got so engrossed in this game that hours passed before I returned to reality. I originally played in 2016 and I still love it. I'm ready to play it again. I played with headphone on and it was like I was controlling a movie. WONDERFUL! I just wished Android gamers weren't ignored. I'D LOVE TO PLAY CHRISTMAS STORIES; THE LITTLE PRINCE! BUT ONLY PC / MAC & IOS GAMERS ARE GETTING THE PLEASURE! I give this game Highly Recommend.

(well really liking this Christmas story game)(the graphic are so beautiful)(nice relaxing game's and loving my little helper) and nice and smooth( but my only issue is I've been stuck on a string of lights)(as keeps saying about a photo)( and don't have one)(so if you can please fix this issue)( I probably will buy the game)( but unable to move on)(because of these strings of lights)⁉(hopefully BF will help please)?(but well done on a nice Christmas game)( my first one I've played)(but do have (and payed for it) (thanks as it was on offer)(as also this one)(so would like to get it why it's on offer)(so will wait to see if this issue love it

I just started this game and already hooked. The story line is wonderful, and just in time for Christmas. Beautiful graphics along with the game interaction keeps you interested. Worth it!

It's really fun & graphics are good. Christmastime like too. I played about 2 hours and didn't unlock the rest. Brilliant

well really nice relaxing little game enjoyable and interesting (but the price tag putting me off)(as it's a older game now)( as they had it in Google play store last year)( so will think about it) (being Christmas game)( you think BF would have it on offer)( well wait and see)thanks and well done Good

Excellent graphics and good storyline. Only issue, too short gameplay for the cost of the game, not worth paying the amount requested for this game as too short, even with a bonus level to play. Sorry big fish, but this b one game that will not b recommending too others. love it

Just AWESOME!! Had lots of fun playing this game!!! Very glad i bought the full version! Graphics scenes everything about this game was so happy and Christmas filled made me smile!!!! Great job

Free trial kept locking up but once I bought it it worked great. First game of this type and LOVE the story line. Not a big fan of occult type games Go well

Free trial kept locking up but once I bought it it worked great. First game of this type and LOVE the story line. Not a big fan of occult type games. Have to revise above...had issues in 2 areas where several clues would not recognize all psalms were there. Had to shut off game for several hours and retry. Then game locked up in bonus area and 24 hrs later I still can't get back in. Glad it was only $5 Flawless

Finally! The problem with the garland, for the people asking, after unraveling it, give it to the little elf! But i did love this one! Flawless

The mini games were so awesome. Totally different. I hope to see more like this Just wow

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