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Love the game and graphics but I had to restart a couple times. I play on my Android phone and when I failed to use items in a certain order, an item I need gets hidden in inventory end and I can't access it. Surprisingly

Finally! A hidden object adventure game that relies on HOPE and POSITIVITY to move forward! Such a great relief from the dark, negative, dramatic puzzles. Can we have more like this, please? Thanks Big Fish!!! Worth it!

R Good game so I bought the full version now it won't play just goes to a blank screen , not happy. Muito bom!

A happy, kind, bright game. Perfect for holiday season. Puzzles are not too easy and soundtrack is lovely. The animal characters are beyond adorable and both main and bonus chapter had a good plot. Joe the Fox and Yule Cat deserve their own spin offs :) thanks to Elephant Games & Big Fish. Must have

Great length game and bonus chapter. Much better than i anticipated. Not too easy. Beautigul graphics. Brilliant

Game keeps crashing & freezing, I have read the other reviews, & I am not the only one with this problem, also, the game will not come up, you get a black screen, I am also not the only one that this has happened to! You need to fix this, big time!!! I have uninstalled this game, & since I have already paid for it, I have no choice but to wait until you fix it, apparently. I AM NOT HAPPY!!! Please Respond!!! New entry on 1/9/2018: I followed Big Fish instructions on what to do for the crashing & freezing & black screen. I downloaded it onto a newer tablet that I have, but even so, still had one incident of black screen, won't load, but turning the tablet off & on fixed it. Even so, because of all this trouble I had to go to just to play a game doesn't seem worth it to me. I wouldn't recommend you make anymore games like this! I work in customer service and if you make your customers unhappy, they will go elsewhere! Only 3 stars. Works great

well another one finished just like (puss in boot's) (so this one was my favorite)(such beautiful graphics on both game's) (but this was out standing)(and hopefully BF will have another new one in 12month)(for the next Christmas)nice and relaxing game to play well recommended for kid's and big kid's at heart (so thanks BF happy new year) Perfect!


The game was good and friendly/relaxing. One for all the family over the age of 11 and beyond. The portal made going back and forth easier. The graphics were good too. Thank you to the team. Marvelous

More on the "kiddy" or shall I say "kitty" side. Puzzles, story and graphics were ok but it was too childlike for me. Also, crashed on me 3 times. Must have

(well another winner (like puss in boots is)(so got the two now)(so much fun)( and a big kid at heart)(just in time for Christmas)( thanks BF) Just wow

Fantastic game. Everything easy to understand. Please bring out more games like this Flawless

Great relaxing game. I really like finding all the hidden objects. Worth the money. Amazing!

Over all just a cute fun and festive game to play. Nice Christmas theme, but the story could work any time not just the holidays. Not bad

I can't give a review because I am froze in the middle of the game, after finding the star signs I haven't been able to go any further, would you please help as was enjoying the game wow lol

Finally a game my daughter and I can play together that doesn't have to do with murder and dark magic, etc. Kudos for a job well.done, please make more like this!! Good

Was a great storyline, this would be a good one for all children & their family. Challenging but not hard. Wonderful Christmas Story. Thank You! Flawless

Good game,collectables are easy to find,I thought this game would be quite childish but was surprised it wasn't although kids could play this game quite easily Amazing!

Keeps crashing! Had many games over the years, but upset even though only £2.69, can't finish game...just keep getting black screen, re-installed 3 times, crashes in different places, would like my money back please!!!!!! It's nearly Christmas, so be fair!!! Not bad

LOVED, LOVED, LOVED IT, like i knew i would! No problems with anything, look so forward to your christmas games, a lot of people dont like kid like games, but a lot of us do! So please keep up the great work, PLEASE!!!! AND MAYBE YOU COULD FIX SOME OF YOUR OLDER GAMES, WOULD LOVE TO PLAY THEM AGAIN, BUT THE OLDER ONES JUST WANT LET YOU PLAY THEM?? MERRY CHRISTMAS, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Perfect!

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