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It's great but the items load so slowly and sometimes even un-load. Please fix this and then i'll rate 5 stars. Pretty good

I love it. There's only one small problem, there's not that many choices for some stuff Works perfectly

I love it so cute! I play on KY computer as well, so I luv that I can play on phone without browser or chrome :3 so cute! Go well

It's actually not that bad, but compared to the game it's based on from DeviantArt, the original had more options. Hopefully if this updates, there'll be skirts, more facial expressions, and overall just more choices. :) Not bad

Not to be terrible, but if you're going to copy a game from DeviantArt, at least add all the items and features, like the ability to make the each eye a different color. Brilliant

There is a loading screen for other items and I only have five items to choose from in each catigory Highly Recommend.

I'm actually glad this finally came out. I don't have a computer so I can't play it on my computer. Worth it!

It s a Good game. I make my roleplay characters here for the rp I do on my yt channel Enjoy it!

WHY DO PPL HATE THIS??its do coooool! ☺ Superb!

The items take a long time to load on the item bar. Please fix it, it looks like a really cute game!! Great!

This is the cutest avatar maker that i have ever seen definitely one of the best in my book! Good

I love it its so much fun Awesome

Well this is a very cute and fun game!!! But I got all of the app in perched and I don't see them Were are they??? love it

To many adds and most of the time i cant even open the app or save any of my chibi pics pls fix this Just wow

This is the best Chibi maker I have ever seen!! Making people on this is so fun and they turn out so cute!! :D Amazing!

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