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It's ok. It really needs an upgrade from bad graphics, point of cards, and lag. But otherwise it's a great time killer and fun. 5 star

Good...ish You should of kept your battles instead of changing it to no battles!!!!........ And if anybody has a friend code tell me. Please Good

Fun but... Really slow game, have to play for a while to get good cards + should add battle sim back to this plz respond Enjoy it!

#ADD BATTLE SISTEM You need to add battle sistem.This game is good but it will be better when developers add battle sistem Flawless

Plz make it so we can attack ofline people or online people plz i love this game so much so plz make it Omg

Fun, but needs improvemnets Battles need to come back, the game is absolutely boring without the battles. Either more coins per chest or less cards per chest or both. Surprisingly

Gnarly Game It's cool. Great when bored and good time passer but I wish you didn't have to pay coins to open chests and yes, bring battles back! Perfect

You have to bring battles back but give them a better reward like some gold or a chest Recommend

Lol I love how people actually are stupid enough to not know this is a SIMULATOR! No where does it say "download this app and you will get free chest in clash royale" anyways great app Muito bom!

Great for people who play clash royale and it's a lot of fun for someone who needs to know about the different cards and arenas Works perfectly

Really cool app. Can't believe people are hating on this just because all you do is open chests and collect cards. What did you expect? They literally tell and show you what the game's about, EVEN THE NAME TELLS YOU. That's why I downloaded it, nothing leads you on to believe this is anything more than a chest simulater, Lol. Very nice feeling when you opening up chests Not bad

So I quite enjoy games like this but there is one or two problems I found. The legendary cards are weird looking because they are square shaped in this game when they are an odd shape. And when you log into your google account on the game it stops working and freezes. Fix please!!! Brilliant

Great , I can't call it a rip-off of clash royale, but it's surely addictive Superb!

I don't know why people are complaining about there being no gameplay. It's a chest simulation, you open chests. That's it. Get over it, it's a very good SIM compared to the others. Well done Marvelous

Ok when I first played this it had a battle menu but when I decided to re-download it wasn't there and this is why this option should be brought back in to the simulator Great!

Can you please add a thing were you can do a friendly battle please if done I will share your games Worth it!

Awesome Takes a boring day and turns it upside down though it might be a bit better if you could transfer the cards to your account in CR love it

Love the idea but it was the first time I have been trying it out and the first time I was wondering if you have any cards Just wow

Oddly satisfying It's a little hard to get started, but once you do it's fun. Obviously it doesn't actually sync to your Clash Royale, but I'm smart enough to know that's illegal instead of 1 starring and calling it a scam. It would be great if the chests could open faster as well. Awesome

Great for when bored I love great because if you get bored of clash royale you could just open some chests Well done!!

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