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Keep up the good work guys the app is great. Its very cool playing people from all over the world although there may be a language barrier we all speak chess. Great job

The connection keeps on dropping. Even though my internet is fine and fast too. I play other online games also with same internet connection and without any problem. The app has got some issue on connectivity. Fix it. Good

I love it gives u free coins to play very possessive game lmao very good! I just wish you could write messages to the player that you're playing with Cool

The app is fine, other than the fact that every time I'm about to win, these losers quit and then I have to wait to get another coin. I should get coins regardless. Also, if you exit the app, even for a second, it disconnects. Omg

When people know they are going to Lose they disconnect there phone so they don't get the loss and I don't get the win its not right it's happened about 30 times now and it becomes a waste of time if your not allowed to improve your rating it's not right...Chess is a game of gentlemen not soar losers who leave every game there about to Lose Works perfectly

I don't know if this happens to everyone but for me after I play a match it never exits the match like its frozen I can only play one match a day Worth it!

Not a very good chess player but I've never played it before and I wanted to learn so this game is very easy and great for begginers. If you don't have it then get it very addicting and a worthwhile game. Enjoy it!

I liked it, but playing online it mostly lose internet connection which is awful when you are middle of a good game. Need to fix this bug other than this I find it addictive and good time pass. Surprisingly

Everything is setup simple. Its a nice live chess app. Im getting ready to defeat a number one player in his nation and all of a sudden the app quits working! That has NEVER happened before and i cant help but think it has to have something to do with this HUGE win i was about to have. SHAMEFUL 5 star

The game disconnects in between. Not because of network issue and can not be reconnected. Lost more than 7 games just because of this Works perfectly

Love the game with one exception. Annoying to get coins. People often quit and then you have to wait to get more coins Not bad

Very very bad experience. Crash, Disconnected before finishing any game. Please fix it and make strong your server. Omg

A lot of fun... however when I logged on to Facebook, I lost my points and the game put me back as a guest Works perfectly

I found a bug in this application. If you want know about the bug contact my gmail. I will clarify you Its true But it's nice game Great!

Nice game ..lop to play..main problem is to wait for coins..u should also provide coun when we win the game..overall i enjoyed playing it.. Perfect!

Very often disconnects while game in progress.. I see this issue with the latest release. Works great

Not a proper appp bcoz it didnt give any extra point whenever i win a game it also shows no signal symbol as my cell is connected to the wifi than also it shows no wifi signal mark !!!!!! Great job

Thanks for the developer team to bring such an incredible graphics. I loved it. But after playing an online game the app got crashed and quitting.. and there are no updates in win lose statistics.. hope you fix it up soon. Surprisingly

Only thing I disappointed with the ads are showing in between the game. and remaining everything is good. I hope you will fix up this problem problem wow lol

Make it possible to play with a particular distant friend not really facebook friends. Other games let people search for user id. Must have

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