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This is a very good game but you have not unlocked every food item and i want to make every food item. So their is a request please unlock every food item please. Flawless

Love it so much my favourite game forever Highly Recommend.

Excellent game but I want to explore another countries like australia and america etc. Must have

Awesome. I want like this many game with jenny and her brother in a different places like India, China , America can u make like this please please Highly Recommend.

Its too good All people who r complaining that many items are locked they can download lucky patcher and get unlocked the full game.I did it.It realy works Worth a go!

But this game as so many ads and I liked it but some item's are locked in this game that two thing's only not nice and all other this game is so nice and I liked it so much 5 star

stop saying about the full version! Fabulous!

Okay game Nice game and the concept of the game is also very good but most of the things were locked Muito bom!

I like you very much If you eat this delicious and I would like you to join in it because it's not delicious because it's late and when you cook it down calm down and you can get happy Fabulous!

Too many ads Whenever I unlock a meal I have to watch 15 videos and after the another ad pops up and sometimes they pop up out o nowhere Highly Recommend.

It's OK The game looks good I have not tried it yet but it doesn't download so I don't like it that much Highly Recommend.

Aku suka sekali permainan ini Aku permainan ini karena seru dan menyenangkan permainan ini sangat bagus dan cantik ada laki laki dan ada perempuan semua pada makan di restaurant itu dari tyas sekolah ar ridha al saalam Omg

It's OK but both items are locked and it is very expensive please unlocked this items Flawless

Fabulous Fantastic game I like this game very much u should download this game !!!!! Yummy dishes !!!! Enjoy it!

Love it Cute . Nice. Beautiful. I love restaurant and cooking games. This app is very challenging. So, I tell love it . My exam is end I play this game everytime. Flawless

Not bad My sister like to play it but why must purchase items and it is very expensive please make it free Fabulous!

Love it This game I play With it every day and I Love it so much Amazing!

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