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Great game! You could use a few more variations in hair colours but otherwise, cool stuff! Just waiting for an update of some kind to spice up the gameplay Great!

I love this game. I think there should be more outfits and cheer moves. Maybe you can add some male cheerleaders too. That would make the game a whole lot better. I just think you can add so many more things to this game that will make it better. Overall the game is great. Cool

I love this game not only that they put girls that come in diffrent shape and sizes its so coool i want to be a cheerleader ! Pretty good

It it's it's super cool is the best game ever it has everything I like it is the best one I've ever seen you can even do the things you like you can be the first one to do this just install it and do your best it has a leaderboard and cheerleaders outfits dress up even hairstyler and you know what is it has stylus why does it have it the best game ever thank you for making it Coco play in the bath Marc I love you game I love you mother I love everybody I love you Monica I love you Mike I love you voice I love all the guys are so hot they are so hot I could kiss them in the mouth love you guys thank you for creating games I don't know how to thank you I'm so ready I am 20 years old I can say this love you babe Surprisingly

It's ok but in the dance off do not plz put those cicles it is so hard to track them cuz they are very fast they do not last long they stay for 10 seconds plz no cuz in the rest of your games they do not have that plz I love this game! Pertty plz it is ok but make less places locked make all free! wow lol

Awasome!! But I really wish we had more stuff cause it not getting my dance trophy because it always using those same dances Awesome

It so fun well for me I recommend it to every one get this game it may be fun for u but not others but it so cool the only thing is that u can't leave the place and go shopping or stuff like that Perfect!

I love cheerleading The thing is I can't use EVERY SINGLE THING I have to PAY!! Superb!

It's an amazing game its great to see how real cheerleaders do it.Thank you for making this app! Omg

I hate how if u wear skirt it just shows a space where the vagina would be. Otherwise great game...wish u were able to add a bit where u cn change name nd style all of group individually Fabulous!

Yes it is very good game i think because i have not played it right now it is installing . Make new game on dress up and make over . Ok it is my Omg

I do not like this gAme. It is called cheerleader "dance off" squad and you dont even compete!!! So dumb do NOT Install!!! Not bad

Too many adds. But i still like it. If there are not A SINGLE ADD I WOULD LOVE TO PLAY IT EVERY SINGLE DAY. Thx coco play by tabtale for making this rlly cool and awsome game. And plz clear off the adds Perfect

This game is fun for kids like me! Not bad

Amazing time killer! Very fun! You have to watch an add for many of the clothes. To get the full game it's very over priced. The dances and outfits are cool! It plays along with a storyline. At first you have a couch then you don't. You also get a boyfriend. Worth a go!

I dnt the game in general I just feel it could be so much better if they just didn't limit things for money but instead you had to earn your different outfits, hair colors just little things like that. But over all a good game Omg

Less ads and in dance clash u made plz do it like that so u get to choose the back ground the lights and add fog and flames but apart from that it's ok I guess Flawless

Cheerleader dance of This is the best game ever made it is so coo I have never seen a better game then this I just can't stop playing this game It is the best cheer game ever made its so cool Highly Recommend.

Its ok Well i like that you can cheerlead and get outfits and many more.But you could make the game better because some things are locke and you could unlock stuff by coins or stars.And the other coco games are the same so make them better.But overall its a good game 5 star

This game is so fun, it's fun because I was a cheerleader but then I quit because the squad I was on they always goofed around. Thank you for creating this app it brings me laughter. Well done!!

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