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Why don't it work I followed all the steps but why won't it work please help me if you help me and it works s I'll rate you 5 stars I promise Pretty good

Thanks but improve more idea and make free gems no human verification because we are all humans if not why can we type i beg you pls reply 5 star

I FOUND A WAY TO GET GEMS, this app works, but they have too much users and so many times fails. The only other app that actually gave me gems was " clash.hack.cheats.gems.incentroyal" in google play, good luck and have a nice day :) Surprisingly

I haven't recived the gems or gold yet but in 48 hours I will I guess. I suggest to install Just wow

I think that's awesome so I can show all my friends that I'm way better at Clash real than them and that I can get a bunch of cool chests and be the best in the world at this game I love you hope you have a good career and make some more ads and cheats like this Works perfectly

IT REALLY DOES WORK I was messing around with it and it gave me 100000 gold and gems I was crying with tears of joy Highly Recommend.

I luv this game but I would appreciate it if you guys could give clash royale players about 10 coins if they log on every 30 minutes thanks guys if u read this Enjoy it!

Thank for making this app for me,aldo I like the game that you can get gems for free. And again thank. Fantastic

This app is great. I use it a lot but sometimes the free gems and gold is hard to use. Still waiting for gems and gold. Worth it!

I would like to know if I am going to get these gems I veryfied I put my name and put the amount the downloaded mobile strike from that website and ran it for 30seconds I want to know if I am going to get them withe creators give me a response or in some way inform me you have 3 days to reply and to give me my gems and gold thank you Fabulous!

I think you shouldn't have to download any more apps considering there are viruses all over the website that none of us know about only to delete it later as well, but I like it enough to give it 4 stars Highly Recommend.

Please can you do only one thing I want to put my village in this phone but I have already do it so can you give me another chance??please Pretty good

I have tryed a lot of stuff for cock and create but not a thang works then I found this app it work great Go well

this app is so cool and useful for everbody clash royale name of my clan indian avengers join us Worth a go!

Its fine The verification made me delete some apps to make space. Maybe they need a different verification or something. Great!

So amazing and cool You can get free things in only 24 to 48h free freeeeeeeee in only a few steps just just you can't beat that Works great

This app is awsome I like this app because I trust that they will give me 5000 gold and 5000 gems that's all I want and I hope you guys will like this game as much as I do Worth it!

Nicely done It's nicely done because we get free stuff so you should try it out. It's hard to get legendarys so yeah try it out. Must have

I really did like the app and it gave me lots of helpful tips on how to get better at clash royale I would definetly recommend it Fabulous!

Great Got bored of having more cards than I needed to level up my cards but not enough money. This app fixed it all. Not bad

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