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I want it to save the whole conversation not half of it and how would we remember and it wouldn't let me login with Facebook with my old account even though I have a new one my old account was myia_hayes but it was working earlier Fabulous!

Yeah so it's alright like you'll find atleast one or two normal people on it but the rest are creepy. I'm having a problem with connecting my Facebook with it? It keeps saying you've logged on previously with Facebook but when I put in my information & wait for it to log in with Facebook, it says failed to log in. Works perfectly

It's ok, but there's too much perverts in here, especially guys. I often get request to send naked pics, but there are some nice people too. Overall, I like it. Highly Recommend.

Well there are cat fishes and people who are just plain rude but there are still the nice guys Muito bom!

I want it to save the whole conversation not half of it and how would we remember Flawless

Did you work on for voice chat in the last update? Please put the feature on pls. wow lol

Love the app and meeting people from all over but, definitely should start a verification portion. LOTS of catfish and fake users. Perfect

Originally had issues with logging into app and creating accounts. Issue seems to be solved now Brilliant

Lets you write a short profile and randomly chosen chatter pick each other based on that. Chat opens straight away if both accept. Works great

Love the app just annoyed got a new phone and won't let me logon via facebook hope this issue gets fixed soon Cool

Good app but soo much fake ids are there. And they send msgs for there nudepics and links Good

Why can't I meet people all over the world any more ? It is just my country. Why ? Brilliant

I love this app. But from last week, i couldnt really find anyone to chat with, its like the app is dead...... alot of connection issues with the server right now... pls fix this Brilliant

It's nice application, just sometimes there are way too many horned guys and girls who sells their pictures and also bots. Perfect!

I want it to save the whole conversation not half of it plus how would we remember what we and they said Recommend

Can't access text chat. The new chat page has only the male, any, female. Should be able to see text/video and more options. They are not there Well done!!

It's a good social app, it worked great until today, I recently downloaded it again today and after using it for about an hour it basically completely stopped working. All messages I try sending say effor try again but none will send and i can't update my profile or connect to anyone new. Brilliant

I really like this app but I'm not getting any post notifications and it's really starting to got annoying. Works great

Everything is great! There's just one thing I want you to add, pls make a voice chat feature pls I'm begging you. love it

I think it's great. Maybe add an option for pro pics somits less likely to come across a fake, also please mark the skip button bigger, sometimes I click the let's chat button instead and it makes me feel a bit off so please make the skip button bigger for the text. On the other hand it's great! I use it everyday at least. Go well

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