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Unable to watch an ad on paid game. Message says, "The ad is not ready yet". Please fix asap. Surprisingly

It's so fun to play with your friends But I wish you could make more than one or your own charades. But great game... love it

I think this game is so much fun! Designed and aimed for all ages which is a plus! Very satisfied!!! Perfect


It's just awesome the way it is and it's so fun also I love the time when your like what the heck is that! Superb!

Nice game......could be improved on the category for kids coz thats what i usually play! Fantastic

I like that the instructions are now included in the app, rather than having to go to the app store to find out how to pass or mark as correct. It would still be better, however, to have a "How to Play" link. Cool

I absolutely love this because I get to spend time with my family and friends Worth a go!

Amazing fun little time waster but what the hell is a megnemite xD (it is a spelling error of magnemite on the pokemon one) might want to fix that but overall great game. :) Superb!

Good game, but too many video ads. I don't mind the image ads, or the small ones, but when I need to see a video to play the game, it's kinda annoying Just wow

co founder great game because i co founded it if you would like any help with the app please subscribe to my youtube channel FANTAIL and i will happily get you anything for free wow lol

Love the custom lists! We're really enjoying the app. It would be great to be able to increase the font size. Amazing!

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