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A great game with good controls. I find the game to be smooth. Haven't faced any performance issues. Recommended. Worth a go!

I am completely obsessed. I love the graphics and it's a challenge I would love to take. Thank you so much for putting this on sale. Brilliant

Pretty dope runner with beautiful graphics and challenging levels. Hopefully it would be an endless runner lile the Alto's Adventure. Omg

I love to challage of it and the graphics are amazing i never thought the game play would be as good as this im already hooked on to keep up the wonderful work Enjoy it!

Absolutely beautiful, addictive game. Keep it up, devs! And fwiw, I'd much rather pay for a game like this up front than deal with ads. Just food for thought. :) Must have

Cool game. No problems at all on my Nexus 6P. With or without battery saver enabled..multiple apps running, no problemo. Works great

Super fun , need your quickly reaction, even I got intense when playing the game . 5 star

Great game It's just that when I continue playing my screen gets sweaty and then the character double jumps on his own which make me rage Pretty good

It was very fun but it is a bit hard to control and a challenge is good but it is just to tricky if a little kid were to play it Surprisingly

Simple, interesting , challenging and clutter free game but you could have added graphic control, like high or low and not in a prefixed form Worth a go!

This is AWESOME! I usually don't like platformers however this platformer is very well creates and I LOVE the gameplay machanics! Marvelous

Omg I love this game. But if you don't then don't know what to say cause this so cool and fun Good

There needs to be some graphic options I simply cannot run the game at proper fps on my phone as its not made to play games but I think that if I were able to disable some of the particles behind the player or on the marbles, exc. The game would run much smoother. I rated 5 stars because the game is well made, unique, and you can clearly tell the devs worked hard on making this game. :) Brilliant

Very fun! I got it for free during the sale, but I wouldn't mind if I had payed for it. The graphics are very cool, the sounds and music are good and most importantly the controls are very responsive and accurate. I think the time achievements are pretty unrealistic (maybe it's just me) but at least the completionist in me can try for all other achievements. My favorite is don't change colors. ☺️ Perfect!

The graphics get garbled after finishing a level... I am using a redmi note 3 Qualcomm edition.. Are there any settings that need to be altered to avoid this... Otherwise the game looks appealing... Works perfectly

Very fun game with an interesting concept that deviates from the boring and repetitive endless runners riddled across the Play Store, while still feeling familiar enough that it's not confusing. Great for playing for an extended session or just for wasting a couple of minutes while you wait for something. wow lol

GGreat and challenging game! Amazing graphics, and tests your speed at though! If you could add difficulty settings for players it would be awsome! If the game already has's perfect! Flawless

This game is a great time killer!!! I think this is the game I have been looking forward to playing all the time when I am bored. Great job. Worth it!

This is a amazing game the graphics are amazing but my only problem is that the game is kind of boring. I wish you could add something to the background so its not as boring Great!

Got it free during sale and glad i tried it. Generally i hate runner type games but i found this to be fun enough, nice graphics and more fun than i thought it would be but will still uninstall soon as it wont hold my attention for long. Highly Recommend.

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