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Agree with that Nexus 6P user. The game drains battery like crazy. The recent update has improved the heating though. Fantastic game but the battery drain puts me off. Just wow

One of the best mobile games I have ever played great graphics, sick gameplay you did everything right Marvelous

This is the best running game ever i have played. It is not so easy to play for the colour change, anyway it is best. love it

Great little runner/platformer. I grabbed it on sale and played it for several hours collecting various things. It's one of the best mobile games I've played. Not bad

This app is so amazing. It has a small rage effect which I think is always good in a platform game. This is the kind of game I can play in a waiting room. Surprisingly

I love it! The quality is amazing and the way you can control it smoothly is so satisfying! Highly recommend Great!

Worth The money, this game features hours of WiFi free gameplay, with plenty of levels and goals Omg

This should be the #1 game always. I just yet played few couple of starting levels and it's awesome. Excellent controls, neat and clean UI, instant responsive screens.... Though I got this game free, I feel very lucky one. Recommend

Awesome irritating coz a little tough...but one of the best games Good

Beautiful design.. One of the most beautiful games ever. Nice levels and fast gameplay. Superb!

One of the best! The creators of this game did an awesome job making it fun and creative. This game is one of the best ones i've played in a while. Thanks for adding some flare to the app store with your colorful unique game! Brilliant

This is a fantastic mobile game! Challenging with simple controls and a degree a replayability. Well done!!

Excellent game! The levels are so challenging but I completed all level within 3 days :P Hope more level release very soon Surprisingly

Good game love it play it all the time but i cant get pass level 9 and its really annoying i do everything i can but i can get passed it Fantastic

Best running game i have ever played. It's not easy though, sometimes it pissed me off. But i love it. Stunning graphic with good control. So fun and addictive. It run smooth even in low end phone. Thank you so much for making limit time offer. This guys know how to make games, Alto's Adventure is also one of a kind game. Cool

Edit - just realised even though you can log in with your Google play account the game doesn't sync when you log in with that account on a different device that's not cool. Game works fine on my Leeco pro 3 unfortunately not so stable on my Lenovo p2. Does the game need a 800 series processor to run correctly as it doesn't seem like a graphically intensive game. Fabulous!

Very very fun game. Levels seem insanely difficult at first, but definitely doable after dozens of tries. Then they're a breeze. Only gripe I have is the limited number of levels. Otherwise a very good time killer Perfect

I love this game it's so colorful o and some suggestions could you make more mapes where you change a few more colors and a rainbow powerup where you can walk over all colors for ten seconds pls update​ soon Omg

Best game on the playstore. It doesn't force you to rate it, it doesn't make you pay extra fees, it doesn't have any ads. The graphics are amazing, and I love the changing color gimmick. Awesome

Best Dunning game ever played. Good graphics. Difficult to achieve some goals. A perfect mixture of entertainment, suspense and thrill. Works great

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