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Oddly, I would like it much more I could take out the 'chameleon' part. The game looks great, runs great (Pixel) and controls really well... but it's difficult enough to keep on the track, but switching colors mid-air, too much for me. Go well

Love the game, just a great fun game, has great graphics, good music, cool gameplay, its a good combo between fun and challenge, but its some times a bit to hard, on some of the levels I mainly go for just finishing them because it goes so fast and the amount of obstacles is kinda crazy, when I normally go for some of the items I sometimes lose site of the path and focus on the items and then I die. . . So yeah great game but maybe add a difficulty setting so it might go a bit slower for some or faster for others. Amazing!

I love it and it was too easy! Also, I completed everything, such as 3 stars and 3 objective that I completed but I didn't get the achievement, can you please fix that? That would be awesome, and I am curious if you're going to add any more levels or world. Fabulous!

I love it! Great graphics, fun to play, not glitvhy, well developed. There's only wo simple controls you need to remember, but that doesn't make it any easier. It's only been a day, but I can already tell that this one's gonna be addicting. Just wow

I love the game but could you make a power up to where you could walk over all the colors without switching for like 5 seconds? Pretty good

Such a great game! Easy controls. Responsive. Beautiful graphics. Fast paced gameplay. Challenging, but still entertaining. Must have

Perfect, perfect, PERFECT! Lots of games like this have lag issues. An intros fast paced game like this cannot afford to have even a couple milliseconds of lag or else it might ruin the experience. This game's controls are lightning fast, and I loved the heck out of each and every level. The perfect game I've greatly enjoyed this past week. Music, graphics, controls, gameplay, 10/10 DO recommend. Must have

This game is very entertaining. It has been a while since I came across a good running game. Both challenging and fun are main points of the game. Things that this game needs are a few in a further UPDATE. The game should have a shop were you can choose different skins for the character, you can get the skins by purchasing them with the Bubbles, Chameleons, or Smoke bubbles. Also, we should have the option to change the 2 colors instead of the whole game being in Pink and Yellow. Maybe just maybe level editor, were people can express their imagination by creating levels and upload them online! I don't know if all this is possible, but it will improve the game grately! The game is very fun. Go well

It's an extremely fun game, quite simple yet challenging. The only problem is sometimes the hint screen (for lack of better description) is glitched and the words all run together and there's dozens of ghost images of the "OK" button. Once you find the correct button everything's fixed, but this graphical glitch can be frustrating. Edit: the issue has been fixed. 5 stars. Perfect!

I was never a running game fan, but chameleons run is so fun! The controls are impeccable. Very responsive. Nice graphics, music and general atmosphere make this a must have occasional game. Recommended! Brilliant

Chameleon Run now one of my faves along with peggle blast I love the controls and quickly figure them out without it not taking forever & once you play it about 3 times you realize you can do more tricks like up a bit then hold and double jump by tapping the music is great and there's no ads.It is veryFast paced game that's a plus because I have no patience & I never game reviews but great job for sure :) Works perfectly

I think it is a great game but can you also put a slow button so the people that need to slow down can do that . But other wise I love the game . Thanks for making the game. I know everybody who plays it will love it. It is so cool. Pretty good

Thrilling to play. Difficult enough to piss you off sometimes, but keeps you working till you beat it! ✊ Great job

>For those who struggle at beating the 3 stars, there are tricks that can speed you up< Simply concept turns the whole platform runner to a new level. My eyes feel blurry after playing for a while, but it is addicting! Looking forward for new levels, I would pay more for it! Muito bom!

Best running platformer game I have played so far on mobile certainly compared to all the free to play crap out there wow lol

These days, it's rare to find a good mobile game (let alone a good runner/platformer game). I was extremely surprised to find how original and creative this game is. It is simple yet challenging. Well worth the download. Instead if spending your money on trash games like Super Mario Run, buy this. You won't be disappointed. Cool

Very fun, at least for a while. The graphics are very cool, the sounds and music are good and most importantly the controls are very responsive and accurate. I think the time achievements are pretty unrealistic (maybe it's just me) but at least the completionist in me can try for all other achievements. I wish there was a powerup or something as I'm stuck at 1-14 and losing patience. Bummer. Must have

This is a solid auto scrolling platformer with its own twist. The color switching mechanic adds some extra difficulty. There are plenty of collectable points and crystals. The animations are detailed which is a nice touch. I would like to see powerups and maybe collectables such as costumes hidden in the levels. The graphics are pretty simplistic, but there is a motion blur effect that will probably slow down your phone. The music could have more variety. There is only one song for each set of levels, which isn't out of the ordinary, but detracts from the overall effort put into the game. wow lol

Very confusing at times (specially the part where it automatically switched colors for you), definitely more challenging than the average runner game, but with such amazing graphics and smooth gameplay it is definitely worth it a play. Fabulous!

Ok, so I was on level two of the game, and I jumped and missed the platform and then particles of the guy supposably exploding just started spamming and I didnt respawn so I figured I broke the game. Could someone fix that? Go well

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