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This is the 1st time I've enjoyed an "endless runner" game! It's so addictive and fun, I can scarcely put it down. Worth whatever they're asking. I paid $10 for Mario and I barely play it. This is the standard for endless runners! Surprisingly

It really is the best paid game when it comes to Flawless

A refreshing take on an old genre. Runs and plays supremely smoothly. Level design is well thought out with high replay value. Insane sense of speed! This game is begging for a level editor. Noodlecake pls Left me wanting more (in a good way). Worth every penny! Pretty good

Love it. It starts really easy but gets harder and harder to near impossible. But just don't give up. Finished all the challenge, got 3 stars on all level after a million try. Just need to explore how to get faster and faster every time. Looking forward for more levels. Good

Absolutely fantastic game, really enjoyed the first part. The second part is just too difficult, i barely even progress, like a hundred tries to beat a level. Brilliant

Thx for the sale saved me all the time of using slow downloading websites to get this for free best part is I dont have to Luckypatch it amazing good graphiced game great gameplay! Keep it up! Fantastic

Really enjoying this game. Gets pretty frantic at times, which just makes it more fun. My reflexes might not be what they used to, so it gets pretty challenging. Having a weird issue on my LG G6 with low FPS at times. I'm wondering if it's because of the new aspect ratio on this phone. Hopefully an update will fix it! Go well

I believe this game will be the game of the year. This is like the future of android games. A game that pushes your brain to it's limitation.. Ugh.. Makes my brain twitch and satisfied at the same time. LOL 5 STAR to the epic devs! (2 thumbs up) Perfect!

Game was simple but challenging and highly addictive. Just had a fight with my girlfriend because of this as she could not get it from windows store lols. Great game!! Muito bom!

It good game. BUT BOIIIII IT RESER ME DATA AND PROGRESS. I WAS ON WORLD FEEAKING 2. now i have to start all over again :( y u do dis please help Good

I love it! I having come across a good,and challenging running game! All the others like subway surfers and talking Tom gold run are so basic and easy,this is CHALLENGING and fun,not to mention the graphics are great! Good job! What I'm even more happy about is I got this on sale for free!I would totally give two dollars to this game♡♡ 5 star

It's very first time that a particular game is both liked and hated by me equally. Despite being similar yet it had something newness into it but that over the time gets in cliches and repetitiveness. Cool

Great game, it will get harder and more of impossible style where you have to keep retry to explore the level and memorize it. This game give me addiction, sorry I can't bare the impossible :( it was fun amd cool tho. Well designed. Good

I love it. The artwork is good. I love the fact that you can change colors. It's one of the things that running games can not do. I think in a update you should add level makers. It would also be better if you can by cloths for your character this the smoking gems. Not bad

Graphics and controls are amazing, but the gameplay, while fun for a while, it becomes borderline impossible. Frustration can help you push forward at times, but only so much before you want to throw your phone at the wall. Challenges are great, but when the game gives hardly any room for control, it becomes enraging. wow lol

A really fun and challenging game. It confuses your mind at times and challenges your response to sudden changes. Controls are awesome and graphics are superb as well. Overall the game was fantastic and no complaints from my end. Worth a go!

The first stage is fun, after that, the second stage is borderline unplayable, even when you think you're about to finish a level, something retarded like a hexagon that crushes you pops outta nowhere. I suggest you don't waste your take with this if you have little to no patience, as I've gotten close to throw my phone at the wall at how hard it gets. 5 star

I love the game it's asome, would strongly support it if there was a community or in a app purchase, for sure it's a 5 star game. I would recommend you people to download it for yourself and try it out. Pretty good

Amazing. I love this game.I just happened to be scrolling down the app store and I saw free app of the week. I wanted this game before but I couldn't but it. So happy! Works great

Definitely not for the ones who give up easily. Getting through certain levels might take hours and several tries. Perfect

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