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Good game with satisfying graphics but part 2 of the game is pretty hard. Also there should be a slow-mo option provided. Perfect

Great concept and great game. However, there are some bugs in the game which you have to fix. Sometimes when I disconnect my google play account it will delete all my progress and I have to restart from scratch on the first level. Sometimes when I play off wifi it restarts my progress because I am not connected to Google Play, even though I reconnect it will not recover my game data. All, except that the game is absolutely fantastic!!! :) I hope you can fix that bug to make the game better. Marvelous

The Game I Got Addicted to I would give 6/5 rating if I could. Chameleon run is one of the rarest games you would find that gets you addicted and thrilled till the end. You'll go crazy with it. Trust me, this is one game everyone out there should play.Its a great experience Awesome gameplay.Decent graphics.Nice background music.Overall Fantastic

Chameleon's Village is robbed of all its paint and he has to go on an adventure to get that paint back. The player should be able to control when it goes and where it goes. And could be 3D or 2D, but it cannot go forward automatically, the Blair I should be able to control if it goes forward left right or backwards. When you start off your adventure, you should be a grey color, the first color you will get is red: lava survivability and fire powers, blue: water survivability and ability to communicate with sea creatures, brown: climbing, digging, manipulation of Earth, and ability to sense vibrations from the ground, green: ability to transform into animals (discluding sea creatures), black: shadow travel, twice as strong at night, and the ability to trick people by manipulating the Shadows, White: laser beams, invisibility, and able to scan for footprints on the ground, and finally yellow: time stop, super speed, and a time travel. I think that's what the next game should be, it's just my opinion, but I think it'd be really good and the mechanics would be great. Please take me up on this offer please please please please please please please pretty please. wow lol

Challenging, but fun. You can push your skill and reaction times for faster, more daring runs, so it's quite replayable. Nice aesthetics without demanding too much of the phone (turn on the 'battery saver' mode for lighter graphics). Perfect

Baddest best game. Why you have made this game. Due to this game, I got less marks in my exams. It always attract me to play only 5 minutes but those 5 minutes turns into 50 minutes. It's the tin killer game. Enjoy it!

For some reason I keep coming back to this game even though it's pissed me off so many times. You know I'd rather hate a easier but longer lvl over a short but super difficult one. Perfect

The physics in this game were awesome! And I loved the way the game looked over all. One of my favorite games on my phone! Perfect!

Good arcade game with Google Play Game Features and good controls, gameplay, and graphics, but suspicious permissions (contacts) and no Google Cloud Sync. Superb!

I love it! Great graphics, fun to play, not glitvhy, well developed. There's only wo simple controls you need to remember, but that doesn't make it any easier. It's only been a day, but I can already tell that this one's gonna be addicting. You should be able to change the games colors from pink and yellow if you want to though. Perfect!

Sometimes great, sometimes hard as ****. Sometimes both, but maybe too rarely. The limited amount of moves and level features combined with a design that favours precision platforming leaves little room for improvisation or experimentation. It's quite a lot of grinding and memorisation, like most auto-runners. But it has its moments, although few because the game is very short. I do like that it's an honest old-school pay-once no-ads-or-micro-transactions release, at least. PS. The massive landing smoke cloud particle effect looks silly and hinders visibility. Awesome

I say this game is the www- best ! Game ever created and I'm over reacting a little Cool

Simplicity meets complexity on a fast pace game where you can go directly to the easier objective or you can try to get all objectives and have so much extra fun love it

Great game! Quick to learn, but challenging enough to stay very entertained. Please make more levels Brilliant

If this game had been hyped like Super Mario run ( crap) , it would have been a huge hit. Great work devs. :) Well done!!

Lovely game. But I hate it that it doesn't save the game progress in cloud, even though the game has Google Play Games integration. I installed this game on a new phone and I'm having to start from square one. Worth it!

Overall a great game. Quickly becoming one of my favorites. There are still a few glitches here and there, but nothing unplayable or game breaking. I do feel this game would benefit from a level editor and a place for community levels. Muito bom!

Great idea for a game. However, This game used to store high scores, I've made it to the top of the leader board, number 1 in the jungle level, but now i can't see myself or any high scores. Please fix, some other suggestions would be: (1) ability to change the game color, (2) more levels, (3) enable achievements. 5 star

The game's great. I've got all missions done and a few three stars are left to be conquered. What do I do after that? I can't update it. I can't access the leaderboard. There's no problem with the internet. Please FIX IT!!!! Marvelous

needs optimization on my moto g3 turbo edition, a game like this not running at 30 fps or more makes it impossible to play. Even battery saving mode does nothing to performance. Otherwise, fantastic game. EDIT: Spoke too soon, my game just started over after I opened it, wtf. All my progress is gone... Cool

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