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Its cool and fantastic and worth of money but if you want to develop it than do it in its control . wow lol

A very challenging but doable game. It isn't too hard or too easy it's perfectly balanced very fun very frustrating at times but it keeps the interest. 5 stars ✨ Great!

It was on sale. I bought it for 10 paise. It is not disappointing for a 10 paise game. Fantastic

Best Android Game! I have played so far.f/Fast-action paced and fun , getting very high fps on my oneplus5 Good

It's an excellent game that quickly becomes very addictive, the only minor complaint that I could give is that it's a little short, they should add more levels. Highly Recommend.

The idea behind is fabulous make it graphically attractive and more weapons and add on. It awesome love it

The best game I have ever played...Makes best use of mobile touch and capabilities ...Amazing..BUT MORE LEVELS SHOULD BE ADDED Works great

Well love the game, I hate that I bought it at higher price and now it's on sale, there must be some kind of rewards for non sale buyers Perfect

I love the game.only the game controls with a game pad or gamecontroller do not really fully work it does jump but for the other controls it doesn't work.please fix the controls so that I can update my review! Cool

Stunning graphics, great controls and overall gameplay is very smooth, and what makes it more amazing is the great optimization for touch displays. GREAT WORK! Perfect

I love it , its one of the most addicting games I've ever played !! I recommend this for people get board alot Highly Recommend.

Very fun and addictive and the best part is that I got for 20 cents! It is so worth it Must have

The best game I have ever played...Makes best use of mobile touch and capabiloties ...Amazing Surprisingly

This is a very good game but as soon as it's reinstalled, it losses all saves. I have completed the first chapter, but now I have to start from beginning.. Fabulous!

Great game to play also you should make more levels I beat all in on day in less than 1 hour Pretty good

Me and my cuzin love this app it is hard but cool Recommend

This game really deserves 5 stars, but there are too few levels. Amazing game play though. Great job

I loved this game it helped kill lots of time and I love the difficulty in the levels you guys should make more levels please Enjoy it!

No complaints at all. Great game. If you only work to get to the finish line without getting any objectives, it could get a little boring and feel a little easy maybe. But if you try to go for all 4 objectives it becomes very challenging. Perfect!

It was a really good game at first, but when i went to part 2 it reset the whole game! Works great

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