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On of the best games I have discovered in years! Became addicted to it on iOS & it is a must have purchase on any platform. Now that it's been updated & compatible on the Nvidia Shield TV... things just got real exciting! A MUST HAVE GAME! Omg

This game is for those who like to test their gaming abilities,this game is all about concentration.It is a fun game and everyone must have this "colourful" game. Good

There shouldn't be a way to reset the game. My little brother wiped out all my progress. I was on world ii level 3 and now I have to start at the beginning! Is there a way to get my game's progress back to the way it was? wow lol

Please add checkpoints so we can start from starting.complete 1st 15th level is impossible. Please do.something. Amazing!

A superb game with a simple premise - very different from most of the runners available. The pace at which it moves is something else altogether. Love the graphics too! Well done!!

This game is absolutely phenomenal. I got it more than two years ago, and have been playing it ever since. This is the only game that I play on a daily basis. The graphics are amazing, the controls are simple but feel natural to use. It's everything I've ever wanted in the game. Im in the top 10 for almost every level. I only have one complaint. I should be in second place on level 2-4 (10.100 sec.) but it still shows that I'm in 9th. Please fix! Fantastic

ह्याची आधी लाल होते मग पिवळी. Surprisingly

Game is tough as hell the first 6-8 levels are easy and then after it's really crazy to jump to next level please reduce the toughness :| Flawless

The game is good...i have completed it...add more levels...its really boring playing the same level again and again Fantastic

This game has grown on me and I find myself playing it quite often now. It can be pretty challenging. Great!

Crashing on my device when I press start. PLEASE FIX It. My second purchase in Google play. Muito bom!

Awesome gameplay and graphic (a little too demanding tho) but so saved game across devices? Really? Well done!!

Nice Game i am completed all levels in 2 Days so please add New and interesting level Fantastic

Beautiful game. Got it during a sale. Has no micro transaction. Totally worth it. Go well

Great game in all ways, but it's my request to provide facilities for CHECKPOINTS! It's ridiculous to start from the beginning everytime you die! else great game with awesome graphics and controls! Worth every penny. Just wow

Really fun game, but weird bug where the character changes colour by itself while on the air. Makes the game very frustrating as it causes me to die each time Good

Beautifully designed game. Got it during a sale. Glad to add one more game to a collection of games without IAPs. Awesome

The game is awesome. Only one thing that the progress is not linked with google play games. It reset my progress to zero when I restarted the device after it started to run slow. It is so hard to clear all levels and when all is reset, it feels bad. Please fix this dev.. Brilliant

Easy controls, easy mechanics, but still challenging and hard to master. The characteristics of a great game. Surprisingly

I recently got 23 cents from Google opinion rewards, saw this game and decided to get it. And what a good choice that was. This game is awesome! Works great

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