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Best game on Google play 1st min of playing, i got really into it, definitely the best game available on Google play store. Cool

Wow Game looked really simple in the Play Store but since it had great reviews I decided to try it out and it surprised me to say the least. Yes it has few levels but the real goal is not only to complete them but to complete them perfectly (by completing objectives and getting a 3 star time) which is MUCH easier said than done but there's nothing more satisfying than timing your jumps so well that you just zoom through the level at light speed. Very well done. Graphics and music are fantastic as well. Worth it!

Perfect! No, perfect is an understatement. I've perfectly mastered every level, and I can't wait for the next update with (hopefully) more levels! EDIT: My high score for level 11 is 11.831, but on google play games, it says 14.something. I can't even earn any achievements or find a way to sync my real score to google play. The game is still over perfect, I just hope I can find a way to sync my score... Brilliant

Perfect! No, perfect is an understatement. I've perfectly mastered every level, and I can't wait for the next update with (hopefully) more levels! Marvelous

I LOVE THIS GAME!!! This game is extremely fun and addictive, I love this game, you have to keep switching colours which really keeps you concentrating and you have to think about what you're doing, whilst thinking about your next switch at the same time. For those who enjoy a fast paced and challenging game, I strongly recommend that you download this game, it's everything that you are looking for! I want to say thank you to the dev(s) for making such an awesome game, Now I must stop writing this review because I want to continue playing :D Recommend

I have a major issue. I really like the game but achievements won't unlock. I have reset my progress several times in the hope that it should solve the issue but it didn't. It really bothers me… I hope you can come up with a solution… love it

Endless mode please Only 16 levels??? This game should be an Endless runner. Endless mode will get full 5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Good

Cool Game This is a great strategy game and skill. But one time my levels got reset and I had to do them all over again! :( Go well

Excellent Perfectly designed levels, awesome graphics and soundtrack, nothing is wrong with this game.It's totally worth the money. Just can't stop playing.Thank you developers. And those who are complaining it's short try to complete all the three objectives on each level, maybe then it won't feel so short Great job

Awesome HI Dev I love you so much.. Thank you so much for creating this awesome game.. Please never stop updating.. Can't stop playing this cute game Muito bom!

For people complaining about length The game is about getting faster and faster times people! You have leaderboards as well as your own personal best. Of course if you 1 star all you can finish in one hour. Thanks for the game dev. Very challenging and a lot of different techniques to use. I apologize on behalf of all the ungrateful comments here. 5 star

Great concept Good brain exercise... I played few minutes and my brain already heated up. Definitely needs more levels Enjoy it!

Really fun but... It needs more levels, I know with future updates there will probably be more levels and that's my only gripe with this so far. Recommend

Fun, but... I'm not sure how I'm supposed to get the last 2 achievements for beating all levels and getting 3 stars. I got 3 stars in every level available so far... Worth it!

Enjoyable REALLY short (16 levels including multiple tutorials) but fun game to play when you're bored! You can finish the game in less than an hour, but can play the map again to get all the achievements if you're a 'completionist'. Amazing!

Cost money? I can't believe I spent $2.00 for 1 hour of entertainment. Only 16 super quick levels. Brilliant

Great game but short Very hard to put down. Constantly being asked to sign into Google play games after every level or retry. Great!

Ads in a paid app So the last update was for injecting ads into a paid app? Tsk tsk. Dripped from 4 to 3 because of this. Highly Recommend.

Challenging but fun Hard to get 3 stars on all levels and not enough levels so hopefully an update coming soon. Enjoy it!

Very short Glitches and framerate issues on a galaxy s6 :/ Apart from that it's very hard to put down, albeit a limited experience. Constantly being asked to sign into Google play store after every level or retry Highly Recommend.

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