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Brilliant,Great N Simple App!! 5 star

This game, hands down, is one of the best available in the play store. The screenshots make it look simple, but when you play it, it's something on another level. And it isn't an endless runner game, it has levels to with different challenging designs Recommended to everyone who loves a bit of a challenge. Amazing!

Marvelous! I still don't know how I overlooked this fantastic game all this time. Soundtracks is a bit disappointment. Just wow

*OMG* You totally need to add checkpoints in this game.. Its like whenever I am close to the win in a hard level and I crash it makes me so pissed I want to throw my phone at that time. Amazing!

Excellent game...Cool graphics...I m loving it... Thanks developer for reducing it's price...Got just for ₹20...बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद... शानदार गेम है | Cool

I love it! Got it for free on iOS and now I bought it on Android. The developer deserves every single penny. Recommend

For me it's the best running , its awesome and your could also test your gaming skills by this game . Go well

Don't let the screenshots fool you, there's a lot going on with this game. It starts off as normal endless runner, but not really endless. There's always a finish line. The catch is that the ground changes color and you need to change to that color in order to run on it. Throw in collecting, leaderboards, timed challenges... and suddenly you've got another Noodlecake classic on your hands. Super cheap and worth every penny. I want to have Noodlecakes babies. Muito bom!

I don't normally pay for games on my phone but after seeing the app store lacking in entertainment I took a chance. The game is actually really fun and has been the best game I played in a long time, great job. Perfect!

The game was perfect, great way to not only pass time but increase our skills too, however since my whole game is finished, and the game hasn't been updated in a while a request the devs to please update the game because we can't simply get enough of this game. Thanks. Omg

This game is just brilliant. Just one thing. It's aching for an endless mode. There's not much else to do when you get stuck on a level and an endless run mode would help fill in the gap wow lol

Abusive troll fix it you bloddy game arrrrrrrrr you troll Awesome

I am so glad I snagged this when it was the free game of the week. It's so fun and easy to play. It's my favorite game! Awesome

Extremely fun game, but a bit too challenging. Might be frustrating at times if you aren't up for it. Cool

Great game, the game needs more levels to be added and Im not sure if some of the black blocks which have a lock on then can be unlocked at all? Must have

Run well even with the superb graphics, easy to control, simple mechanism but hard to master. You will get screwed. Well done!!

It's nice but it's not good that u have to get no. Of camelon to unlock next level Good

LOVE IT... goyt it for free on a sale tho Surprisingly

I've lost interest in games and only a few catch my eye, and this is one of them. The gameplay is smooth and beautiful, the respawn rate is instant so you do not have to wait even for a second when you die and no ads or in-app purchases whatsoever. Not a lot of stages available, but the ones that are available are challenging enough and you have various targets in each stage, so playing every stage over and over again doesn't feel repetitive as you have different targets each time. 5 star

Really fun to play, great game play and graphics . I would really really like an endless mode however. Flawless

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