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Saved my movie night on Android MXQ box after my original remote suddenly stopped working. Only one thing I'd like to see is an air mouse rather than having to touch the screen on my phone if possible. Other than that I love it. Perfect!

Thanks for this app. But, clicking is not working in mouse mode on my xiaomi tv box 3 which is very useful and needed. Just wow

Great product, get server on device needing controlling and the remote on the device doing the controlling. Then use menu to manage connections Worth it!

Whenever I minimize the option to switch remote types disappears from the upper right hand corner. I have to close and reopen in order to to switch remote types. Very frustrating. I am on Android 6.0 EDIT: I added a star because now that I switched to Galaxy note 8 I no longer have this problem. I was using prepaid Androids previously and it happened on every one. Now the only issue I have is using this remote with YouTube, it's not easy to navigate. But that could be a YouTube problem, not an app problem. Amazing!

Took an hour to find this app after downloading like a zillion different ones. Works grea,the mouse pad times out but everything else is great Good

This multi remote works on my Nexus,Leelbox S1 and a whole lot more the best in the play store foreal i never ever give scores like this. Muito bom!

Exactly what I was looking for. I'm using Zoomtak streaming box.Flawless functionality. A must have for streaming box if your remote doesn't support mouse pad function. Ads can be annoying but paid version is affordable. I will try it out for a few days before purchasing. Great job developer!! Not bad

I didn't even know this app. existed, it's an amazing app and recommend it to everybody. Well done CetusPlay wow lol

Awesome superb application .Best friend to you smart tv or box and firestick awesome really loved it... Brilliant

Everything seems to work except for the mouse pad. I'm using a fire Great job

After new update on phone I tried to install the new update on the firestick and it can't update. Which is making to disconnect from the firestick moments after connection is stable... I believe it has to do with the new update... other than that I love this Marvelous

Trying it on firestick first gen. The d pad works fine but cannot control the mouse pointer Works great

Needs to add the scrolling feature. I have an Nvidia shield tv and Google's own android tv remote control app has the scrolling feature already working just fine but I kinda like this app better due it's better look. Muito bom!

The app is amazing and very useful to me i was wondered when i use this app for first time all thing is good,but developers need to improve the gamepad it doesn't work,i have read the notifications that gamepad mode works with some of the devices not for all,but still the developers should upgrade it so it can work in all TVs....... I hope that developers should read this comment and will work on this soon Not bad

It works on MXQ android TV box. It will be great if the gamepad option includes accelerameter control for some games. Highly Recommend.

In the MI Box 3, mouse can move to any direction, but can't click/enter/OK, please fix this Flawless

EDIT:1= Sorry, I meant keyboard input works on Kodi but not on YouTube. The TV box is the most used one, named MXQ 4k. Keyboard input needs so much improvement. On Android TV Box, cetusplay keyboard input doesn't work on YouTube but on kodi it works. Cetusplay keyboard is selected and root permission on both devices allowed. Recommend

Looks like an amazing app but i have a problem with disappearing mouse cursor every time i start moving the coursor with touchpad it dissapears after like 3 seconds. Might be my box, idk, its an h96 pro plus amlogic s912 with some kind of android 7.1 on it Chinese box. I had to install the server app for it to get reconised and was amazed it worked. Only if there was a way to have this mouse input working i'd be very happy. Enjoy it!

Keyboard input needs so much improvement. On Android TV Box, cetusplay keyboard input doesn't work but on kodi it works. Cetusplay keyboard is selected and root permission on both devices allowed. Not bad

The mouse works but input does not work nothing I used to input worked at all. This app looks great and the features would be awesome if they worked. I'm willing to help test to get this app where it needs to be. Android TV is missing an app remote that can do all the necessary things along with mouse 5 star

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