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it's ok .....but i don't know how to have many money and many ads if you cut ads it will better Good

انها جميله جدأجدأ بحبها Superb!

I don't know about this game but I read the comments and It does not sound good but I will check out Just wow

I think that this game would be stupid because I just read the comments and there's a lot of complaining but I never played this game so I will see oh! it just finished installing TTYL Just wow

This game has a lot of ads we have to play the mini games for the gems and it only has 6 level it is very and very bad game those who are thinking of installing them pls don't install this game Works perfectly

Can you send me your address so that you are we coming back from you rather BTS is in the same thing the thruth school when you are you rather vkook or I got a kiss you make I was I got a u I got a u you are you rather BTS version and we laughed when I heard the same and now I am not trying and we laughed and now I'm just watched the thruth you are losing's​I got a u you are you rather BTS Awesome

This is amizing game ma es game ko ubdate kar rha hu it is very 'very very good game pleas instal this game don't. waste your time Works great

INTERESTING It's so fun I Flawless

And r r right to the point where I ca.kun get r, I would I I oooooooooooooooooo [ooooppp it see geyg ex hdh he dufuuffuufj21. The first one is the most of my life, but the other day, but the other day, but the other day, but the other day, but the other day, but the other day, but the other day, but the otwwwwwwwwwwwwww2pher day, Muito bom!

Love this but sad I love to play this game... But just 6 level... Can't you please increase the level, add more things.. Otherwise I like it so much Highly Recommend.

So cool i am disha aap loog mojh jante hoge agar nahi jante to princess free 1 game hai ose dekhe mai hogi oh kya bolo clean bharat green bharat by Worth it!

ehh it was ok but there is to many adds and you have to earn coins to go to the next level. Worth a go!

HI Yay it's better than nothing Sherry Swenson is right sorry if I spelled your name wrong Flawless

Ok I would rather have this game rather than Pokemon go.if u are bored then get this app Recommend

I love this game The only thing I don't like is when you have the same character a few times in a row Enjoy it!

خیلی قشنگه من10000000000000تا دیگه هم بهش بدم کمه حرکی که نصب نکنه احمقه Pretty good

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