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Game is Cool, But don't you feel that there r too many advertisements!!!!! On every click there is an advertise.... Works great

Loved it Muito bom!

Loved it Omg

Loved it Superb!

Loved it Awesome

Good game! I played this in the past and I forgot how fyn this game can be. Really addicting..The only.thing I dislike is the to remove those? Pretty good

Loved it Works perfectly

Loved it Enjoy it!

Loved it Superb!

Loved it Works great

Loved it Not bad

Great game but... One of the most entertaining game I have played in a while. Except the ads are just too intrusive. They cover the bottom of the screen almost entirely that it becomes annoying. Also the ads don't stop they come at every moment but despite that its a great game. Cut out some of those ads or just get rid of them completely and I give 5 * 5 star

Loved it Highly Recommend.

Me lovey I love it! But can you do like points for every time you hit the enemy and u use the points to get some ofda power ups? If you will thank you! If not: roses are red violets are blue I hate you. Flawless

Loved it Just wow

Loved it Perfect

Funny,adorable,violent I love this game so much me and my sisters play this game all the time and never stop playing. I rate this 5 stars and I think kids all over the globe would love this enthusiastic game ever! Awesome

Loved it Must have

Loved it 5 star

Loved it Amazing!

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