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Pros: Fun and and well paced gameplay with cute designs and an all around fun concept based around an awesome PvP combat system. Cons: Random card selection takes a great attempt at a strategy and makes it about luck on top of a matching system that feels very unbalanced at times with doors to 'pay to win' issues. Overall it's fun but plants vs zombies did it way better. Well done!!

All in all not bad. But not being able to control the cards deck is a pain but do-able. Not bad

It's very disgusting that on win you get 30 trophies and on loose you loose 36 trophies Recommend

This is a very good game i play this game every time the controls are very good ,first i used to play clash of clans and clash Royal but after I installed this game i just play this game i just forgot that I used to play clash Royal and clash of clans after getting this game Works perfectly

I love this game so much it's much more better than clash Royale. I love the graphics and it's so fun and addicing Fabulous!

If internet connection goes slow, consider it a Loss already. How about adjusting the bandwidth of the game so that it can still have a smooth gameplay even with low net signal. Just suggesting. Thank you. Just wow

This game is very Bad because it is not giving the legendary card and battle is not of same level so we are defeating from elders Muito bom!

I think everyone whos reading this download it if you dont have it cuase its super fun Not bad

When I played in for first time I was thinking that I am doing war with my enemies Perfect

it needs a good Internet and once in a two weak they ask to update....that's not good Well done!!

Awesome game!! Def a lot of fun. Could be a little cheaper or give better cards for free chests... But great game!! Fabulous!

This game is very amazing and my favorite game I like it very much Great!

Good game grapbics are good ,controls are good but should add some powerful cards Flawless

It's awesome just amazing I can't describe it it's beyond amazing you should experience it for your self Fantastic

I have the best internet speed but it doesnt stay connected during the game. Your servers or what ever this game is running off of cant handle it. This is a cheating a$$ game. You should all fire yourselfs from your gaming career. Seriously. Flawless

A nice game but i unable to change my country? The setting is not so good to find. Good

Good fun. Plenty of options for each deck. Slow going at the start but grts better the more you play it. Perfect!

Mast fighting game castle crush i am in castle 6 and i am not go to castle 7 my highest trophy is 2063 Works perfectly

It seems like a great game, I just downloaded it but every time I try to find an opponent it freezes and kicks me out. I would love to play this. Great job

Fun, I've been looking for something along the line lime clash royal and this is it Cool

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