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Dfwhxhf Rd Szechuan to the right side up to date to be able to do Uzi the link below to see you tomorrows is a very nice to hear that you cannot open shared the same as Perfect

Great idea Forgot that this is used in India too. Giving an option to update status gives an upper hand to competitors to fool users and get ur ratings down. People need it but don't realize when they play pranks. Go well

Helpful Indeed an app for great help. It completely depends on people's information update, the only chance of getting wrong information is when one tries to fool other, otherwise it is a perfect help. Highly Recommend.

Fairly good Auto detect location does not work, I see lot of bogus status being updated by users. App us fairly good and user friendly. Thank you. Muito bom!

Good App in the need of an hour So many downloads. Due to more downloads we have more users feedbacks. But the app is just like website packed into app (webview) so instead of downloading it, use the website Must have

Helping hand Amazing app but it was difficult to find this app as there were too many clones. Kindly post a link on the cashnocash website. If its already there then ignore this. Recommend

Awesome App Awesome app, very useful and accurate. How about using maps / location to automatically show ATMs nearby in addition to giving the option for users to search by pincode. Great!

This ap is like MacDonald, bcoz i am loving it Very helpful app design at very crucial time. Works perfectly

Bliss in the crisis Good app with features locating nearby ATM's cash status. Brilliant

Great app I just managed to find an ATM with cash using cashnocash.. Good stuff Not bad

It is waste of time when there is no cash someone change the status it shows cash It is waste of time when there is no cash someone change the status it shows cash Superb!

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