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Fun trivia!!! Gotta know your stuff to get any decent $$. But fun and fast paced regardless. Hosts can get a little corny at time but not a deal breaker. Good luck!! Well done!!

The hosts Bo and Rafi are great and they really throw some tough questions at you. The prize is of course split between people who win the 12 rounds but still, if you play every day you can actually make a decent amount of side cash from it. Great job guys! Thanks for making such a rad app. love it

EPEF5N for lives! Game is fun. Live hosts are funny. I have personally received winnings, I repeat, THIS GAME PAYS! If I had one complaint it is that the past few questions are not hard enough. I feel like the last question in particular is typically a softball. I look forward to seeing slightly harder questions Cool

Ive answered over 35 times and it woyldnt click and give me the answer so it ran out of time without an answer, tired of it, I am a great trivia player and have neen playing for 2 months and only have like ¢.40? Fix button bugs and it would be better. Fabulous!

Would give it 5 stars but it seems to glitch when it comes time for me to answer the question. SO NOT HAPPY I GET ELIMINATED FOR YOUR GLITCH PROBLEM. Flawless

I like that you can win money iin small increments, but the game probably crashes 30% of the time. questions lag to the point where you can't answer since the time has lapsed or you can't even enter the game and just have a black screen. would rate lower but it's free....guess you get what you pay for. love it

It would be a great game if people won the exact amount of money instead of splitting it up amongst the players and have more than one chance to play during the game Highly Recommend.

I got kicked out of the game, or should i say i lost even though i got every question corrrect. why did i get kicked i got every question right. Anyways it is a great game. Omg

I have only played once and won. 06 cents lol but it was so much fun I wish I could find the notification button so I can get notified but I love it! Worth a go!

It is a lot of fun to play... You can win real $$ ... The only thing is , I wish the winning money pot was bigger!! But, I'm hooked... Amazing!

At first I thought this was just another HQ clone. It's become a more favored app for me because you actaully win money. Smaller amounts but I NEVER win HQ. You only have to get to question 6 to get money. Also, there is an update to this app at least every week so the developers are clearly always improving. Shout out to Raf and Bau! Fantastic

So far so good. I'm enjoying the trivia. The cash build-up is slow, but that goes to show that it is not some get rich quick scam, at least I'm hoping it isn't. I will find out for sure when I'm ready to cash out Worth it!

Eh not bad really. The Gui seems like it could be spiced up a little. Too slow it feels like. Otherwise it's alright other than I cant seem to win lol Muito bom!

You do win money. I won $28 in just a couple of days. It takes about 2 weeks for the money to show up in you're paypal account. The problem though, is the glitches in the game and it lags a lot to when there are a bunch of players. One time at the beginning of March they awarded a couple of free lives because of the glitches, but none since then. They also got answer wrong for one of the questions. So you do get the money, thats the good thing, the bad thing is the glitches and lagging and getting no response from emails or instagram posts when you tell thwm about the problems. Perfect

Nice concept. Poorly executed controls. They could use other recorded videos for the audio shows. The recorded guy is annoying. The hosts continually remind you to turn on push notifications, however there is no setting in the app for notifications. Hence I get almost no notifications for live shows... Why ask users to turn on notifications if you have no option to do so? Fantastic

I love the game. even if you don't win it's cool to play.. I dislike how the notifications draw over other apps. I have turned it off on all ends throughout my phone and the app and they still pop up. It's not a. If deal just annoying when I don't want to play. Works great

Even if I don't get any right answers I'm enjoying this trivia game a great deal! Its definitely the best one I've tried out so far. Recommend

Love this game. Trivia questions are right 99.9% of time. Very rarely do they get one wrong. And they have live games at night some days. Totally worth the time Flawless

Fun trivia game. Not fast money, but you can earn money answering questions correctly. Definitely a fun way to learn facts you might not have known. Amazing!

Trivia lovers will like it. Most questions are difficult. When they go live, the hosts are too silly and childish. It drags out the game. They need to find new ways to earn free lives! The chat is ridiculous. Can't read most comments, and people keep spamming free life codes, which can't be used, so it's just dumb!! Probably going to uninstall game real soon. Surprisingly

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