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I just downloaded and it was fast and very helpful. I'd like however to have a choice of colour Yellow is in bad taste. But over all, if you utilize the features of this app, you'd enjoy it 5 star

Beautiful App. It solves my problem. But I hope the yellow background for the original option can be changed to another color. Thank you. Fabulous!

I read some of the reviews and to me it is clear some people are not browsing all of the features available within the app. While others are expecting this app to do things it never claimed it could. Reading is fundamental. Take the time to test the app out yourself first before using it with others. I did that's how I knew it was a keeper. This app does what it says it is capable of and I am able to share those receipts with others. Which is exactly what I wanted. Worth a go!

No bad but wish I could pay to not have the annoying adds. Needs to be a premium version. Also it would be nice if this could sync to Google Drive it some cloud service. If this were the case I'd give it 5 stars.Not sure I can use it under current configuration. Superb!

Good app but can't use it because no option for partial payment. If total amount is 100 and customer pays 50 now and 50 after delivery, there should be option to display "Paid = 50" and "Balance = 50". Flawless

Very useful in a small professional practice to record client cash payments for later tax returns. Would pay to remove ads. Perfect

I think this app is awesome!... I hope in the future I am able to upload my own business logo as well as customize the color of the receipts before I send them out. Great job

This app is deserves 5 star rating..please update for new background or business themes...Thank you Go well

I really like the app it work for years. It is easy to use and my customers like getting a quick electronic receipt. However I just ran into an issue I got a new phone and my data did not transfer. The backup and restore is not working. Any advise. Amazing!

It is good app. I have a query. Can this app use by two different mobile with same account. Great job

the app does the job done. my comment/suggestion would be to include an option where there is a password before one can be able to delete a receipt in order to add to the security of the business owner, only the manager can type in the code. another thing I want to see is auto data backup at least every few minutes so I could see the receipts being generated while I am not in my shop. an option for a text box that we could customize depending on what type of business we have. the option to place the logo anywhere we want would be nice. also one more very important thing we want to see is that the person typing the details should fill up ALL the fields before they will be able to save the reciept. can you also have the option to change the word "receipt" to other words such as ticket? or OR number? or voucher? depending on what type i want to use? if you can make most of these things happen, esp the security parts then I will definitely use this for my business! also give you guys 5 stars also I would pay for the app if you decide to make it a paid app. please please make these things happen. thanks and great job guys! Awesome

Great app. Easy to use and quick to set up. I love the presets..a real time saver. Every other app forces me to create a customer. Only thing I wish for is to be able to quickly print each receipt as soon as I have entered the information. Works perfectly

Excellent free app. I sell pallets and it's perfect to give customers a cash receipt. Nice to be able to share receipt via text or email . Brilliant

It was really easy to use and even better I could change settings and choose currency I wanted..really good Marvelous

This is a fantastic app for managing recipts. I wonder if there is an IOS version ? Great job

This a great app... It has really helped me alot to generate our Events advance payment.. Just one thing, considering the modern payment options, you'll should also add payment mode as PAYTM... Request you to do the needful Pretty good

I love the app. Only bad thing is I can't edit a receipt. If I make a mistake I have to fill out a new and since there is no auto fill it takes some time. Awesome

It will never open immediately. It will buffer for minimum 1 minute. I tried it on Coolpad mega 3 and Lenovo yoga tab 3. .. I had sent a mail also. But no reply.... and u expect us to give 5 star..... What a funny.... 5 star

VERY GREAT APP, I LOVE THIS APP.. we can create a receipt in instant both for payments and purchasing. this really helpe as an Entreprenuer to track every transaction. i use this app and collaborate it with my accounting app and inventory app. this app very useful. i have 1 more suggetion, please add the function to export receipt on JPG in 1 click. Must have

Good app, Could you make font size editable? Because sometime i need print the receipt with 58mm printer, but the font too small to see wow lol

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