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There used to be a lot of issues but they have done a great job addressing them. The new app is easy to use and has a lot of useful features.. Great for Airport service. 'This is my review and I am awarded $10 Car Cash from Carmel for sharing it' Worth a go!

The price was really great for how long the trip was our driver was kind just had a few driving issues but we made it safely to our destination and I'm overall happy with my service. This is my review and I will be paid $10 for my time. Pretty good

Didn't realize I needed to say that I will get a ride credit for this review. Still would say the same thing - Good ride. Surprisingly

Newly redesigned app is much more intuitive and doesn't hang/crash like it did before. Still a bit buggy with saving favorites so misses out on 5 stars. Awesome

Excellent (no-toll) ride from Manhattan to JFK at more than $10 less than ride-hale or NYC taxi. Driver arrived a but ahead of scheduled time. Car was very clean. Writing this review does make me eligible for credit on a future ride but had no effect on my evaluation. Great job

Love the service, always on time, should give more discounts for frequent clients Go well

Always on time and always professional. Have been using carmel for years and never been disappointed. Superb!

They were easy to book and on-time. The car was new and clean and the driver was polite. It was $10 less than all the competition from my past experience. What more could you ask for. And yes I did get a $10 credit for writing this review but it was absolutely true. Recommend

App was very easy to use and the drivers are friendly and efficient. This is my review but I am being rewards $10 car cash from Carmel for sharing it Fantastic

This is my honest review for which I have been compensated $10 car cash from Carmel. You need this app in your life if you take a car service. The updated app is extremely easy to use. You can set up a car for an immediate or future trip and choose the type of car you want. Paying is easy, as well. You can pay through the app or in person. You can also get Car Cash to use on future trips and they are all over the place. A few times I requested a car for immediate pickup and they called to let me know there were no cars available at that moment even though the app said they did. Hopefully that will be worked on. Otherwise, I am very pleased with this. Omg

This is my review but I am awarded $10 car cash from Carmel for sharing it: The driver waited hours between drop off and pickup, even though he didn't have to: he could have left to make more money. Excellent service! Just wow

This is the first time I've used a car service in NY and Caramel were great every time - punctual and very friendly and helpful drivers. I wouldn't hesitate to use them again the next time I'm here. The app is really straightforward to use and alerts you when your driver has arrived. This is my review but I am awarded $10 car cash from Carmel Limo for sharing it. love it

I received 10$ for this honest review. Good experience with the app. Car came on time upon our arrival and was in fact early for our departure. Driver on departure was nice and helped with our heavy bags. Would surely use again. Was referred to use by my bro in law actually. Marvelous

Easiest way to get to LaGuardia from the city, driver arrived early and got me to the airport early too Just wow

Carmel is a reliable service and we've always been pleased with their drivers and punctuality. The app has everything you need to manage your trips. This is my review but I am awarded $10 car cash from Carmel for sharing it Omg

I use Carmel all the time, professional drivers and safe rides. I am receiving car cash for this review. Enjoy it!

Excellent service! I have used it 3 times so far and they are professional, polite and on time. The prices are also very competitive. I plan on using them more in the future. The app is super easy to use Please note this review reflects my views of Carmel and my experience with them but I am being compensated $10 for my review. Good

This version is a huge improvement over older versions I had given up on. Main criticism is that it's giving Google api errors and when displaying a time confirmation for 1215pm, the app instead shows AM. I canceled reservation and recreated it, got same error. Email confirmation correctly shows pm time slot. Would rate 4 stars if those errors fixed. 5 star

Driver arrived early was pleasant and nice safe drive to the airport I was given a $10 and sensitive to submit a positive review Great!

"This is my review but I am awarded $10 Car cash from Carmel for sharing it". Howevet, they really DO do a great job and I plan to use them again. Flawless

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