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Its great, but if your country is small that would be better but its not that good in huge countries.. like here in Palestine its an awesome service 5 star

Must use once. You will definitely fall in love with it. It's much better vehicle than normal yellow taxis and in a very economical rate. Muito bom!

Excellent experience with Careem. Well conditionedcars, well behaved drivers and at last well served by Careem. Go well

I m a regular customer of careem. I am humbly requesting to all customers that "Plz give 5 stars to the crareem captains after using the ride ,So they can get their daily bonus and i thnks maximum of them are deserving it of their hard work/investment. And i welcome the Careem in Quetta Amazing!

Your Captains drive very slowly even on empty road they don't exceed 60-70 kmh, sometimes we are in hurry and they don't care. Need Improvement in this sector. Works perfectly

It was wonderful experience and I would like to invite all my frnds to use careem rides...captains r educated but quality of cars should b given some importance to improve services more... Cool

Assalamualaikum. I use careem mostly and frequently. It's great. I praise it and the company. It's very convenient for me to carry my parents with careem plus it's quite economical. Jazakallah for starting the service. Thank you loads. Muito bom!

I liked it but my version has no bike service and I hav latest version of careem Fantastic

Excellent app, thank you very much for your great work, I like the fact that I can pay in advance. I wish that I can share live location with my driver, so they would know my exact location. Marvelous

Need to improve vehicle movement accuracy on map. Seems like the location update instances are not close Amazing!

تطبيق حلو ومفيد جدا بارك الله فيكم wow lol

More time is not avilable ..and some time capitn is cancel the ride requst.and say i am far Cool

Great service .. you just need a better internet connection so you could get an exact customer location .. Not bad

سهل و متوفر في كل المناطق و خدمة عملاء مميزه Pretty good

First time use this service today. No complain so far, service and driver is ok. Surprisingly

Thanks u careem for launching in Pakistan it's a great app and services your services too Flawless

The best thing that ever happened for us travelers. Miles ahead of the competition. Highly Recommend.

It's been 2 years I have been using careem. And I'm fully satisfied with the services. Go well

Best service and app also working good. The thing to be noticed is the safety of captains. App has an alarm/emergency button in emergencies or link to the next police check point. Please work on it on urgent bases. As helpline is available for the riders there should employees that watching the car where it is going .e.g. PIA watches there Please on map and guide them. Regards Fantastic

Most of captains r descent, but there are some with public transportation attitude (such as taxi and microbus drivers). CAREEM need to choose captains more carefully. أغلب الكباتن أصحاب أداء وأخلاقيات جيدة، ولكن البعض منهم يتشابهون مع أخلاقيات وأداء سائقين السيارات الأجرة (مثل التاكسي الأبيض والميكروباص). على شركة كريم توخي الدقة في اختيار الكباتن خصوصا في مصر، حيث أن لا يتم انضمام أي شخص للشركة لمجرد أنه يمتلك أو مستأجر لسيارة تتوافق مع معايير كريم فقط !! ولكن أيضا يجب الاعتناء باختيار الشخص أكثر من السيارة التي يقودها. PLEASE EVALUATE YOUR CAPTAINS (DRIVERS) CAREFULLY. I believe UBER standards in this matter is more strict than CAREEM. Brilliant

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